The Healthy Day Restaurant and Spa: A Feel Good and Look Good Spot

Healthy is not exactly enticing. The greens, the organic, the steamed – they are usually viewed as less attractive next to the fried chicken, the lechon, or the sisig. Dr. Jeff Co, owner of Healthy Day Restaurant and Spa, hopes to change that.


Spending a significant amount of his time in hospitals as a surgeon for cancer patients, Jeff saw the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet firsthand. 

“When patients undergo chemotherapy or surgery, their immune systems drop. They become fragile and vulnerable. It is important to have the necessary nutrients in the body to fight off the attacks of diseases as simple as colds,” Jeff explains. However, as he discovered, there is a lack of supply, as well as a general distaste for healthy meals.

In various conversations with fellow doctors and friends, Dr. Jeff was encouraged and inspired to establish a business that caters to this dilemma. Partnering with his good friend, Chef Luigi Lopez, whom he remembers to be innovative in the kitchen ever since, they established the idea of Healthy Day Restaurant and Spa: the one-stop place to feel good and look good.

“The whole idea is packing all necessary nutrients for a balanced meal into one dish. Some dishes are just organic – sure, it’s relatively fresh, but is it sufficient for you body’s daily needs? We’ve been taught we need to go, grow, and glow when we were in school. We’re giving you that – in delicious, good-looking dishes,” Dr. Jeff explained.

After going to Healthy Day Restaurant and Spa, we were inspired to not only eat organic food, but to try to have well-balanced meals, as well. Hopefully, this will turn check-up and workout days something to look forward to.

Here are some of the dishes that we tried. They were really good and, I have to say, plated really well.

IMG_2731 Kani Roll – P160 (Lettuce, cucumber, crabstick, coleslaw roll)

IMG_2732Crab Cakes – P180

IMG_2733 Spinach Pumpkin Carbonara with Salmon – P220

IMG_2736Chicken Salpicao with Garlic Brown Rice – P360 (Chicken tender cubes sauteed in garlic and olive oil)

IMG_2739Save the best for last: This was the BEST dish for all of us! – Dill crusted salmon with carrot potato mash – P560

IMG_2741Healthy Cheesecake – P 160


In light of looking good, the Healthy Day spa can be found beside the Healthy Day restaurant where people will not just feel good, but also look good. “If you look good inside, it will translate on the outside, right?” Dr. Jeff asks.

The Healthy Day Spa has various spa services, including manicure, pedicure and various massages. The massages are therapeutic and proven to be healthy as Dr. Jeff himself designed them to be. The best part? They only range between P250 to P400.

IMG_2746Pedicure – P180




Dr. Jeff’s vision for Healthy Day Restaurant and Spa is meaningful: he wants healthy to be attractive – that people will not just go healthy when they’re sick, but will actually choose a healthy diet and lifestyle because they want to.


Healthy Day Restaurant and Spa

739 Banawe Street, Brgy. St. Peter, 1114 Quezon City

0917-6381391 & 510-9896

Facebook: Healthy Day



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