Health Cube: Check-Ups Don’t Have to Be A Hassle

Health Cube proves that medical check-ups don’t need to be a hassle When in Manila. Think you need to be checked into a lousy hospital to get a complete executive check-up? Thanks to Health Cube, you won’t need to go through that kind of inconvenience anymore. 

All of your health and diagnostic needs are in one easy-breezy space. 

A complete executive check-up won’t even take the whole day; just half-a-day tops. And, since Health Cube is cleverly situated at a prominent shopping mall, you can use the extra time after your checkup to eat, go shopping or even catch a flick on the second floor!

Health_Cube_1 Health Cube: Check-Ups Don’t Have to Be A Hassle 


All the physicians at Health Cube are medical specialists, experts in their field and trained in the top institutions of the country. The doctors and staff are friendly and accommodating, as well, committed to make your experience at Health Cube as pleasant as possible.







Everything in Health Cube is state-of-the-art – even the X-rays. At several other clinics, you may have to wait a day or so to see your chest X-ray. At Health Cube, however, you’ll get to see your X-ray on the computer screen right after you take it!







Health Cube also went through the trouble of working out a way to make test results easier for people to understand.




The most memorable test for me would be the Stress Test. A simple treadmill can actually tell you so many things about your heart at once.



While this test is mostly recommended for older people, people in their 20s who have stopped exercising completely because of work might just get motivated by this.

Besides, it is a relaxing experience because of the overall design of the place – far from the scary ones a first-timer would usually imagine.







One glance at your results and you will already know what needs immediate attention. You won’t even need to go back to the clinic the next day to fetch your results.

You can also request for them to send your results to you via e-mail — Health Cube is that committed to making everything as convenient as possible for you.