Healing From A Break-Up: The Top 5 #NoToRelapse Movies

If you’re uninitiated in the romantic jargon department, a relapse is the act of forgiving your exes. For some, salvaging what is left of your relationship will get you the long-awaited happily ever after. For others, as hot as your ex may be, it might be necessary to remember why you broke up in the first place. Always remember that as one door closes, another opens. Break-ups happen because sometimes we deserve better. It did not work before, because maybe, it never will. Sadly, we can’t all be Taylor Swift who can easily say that we are never ever, ever, getting back together. Considering your relapse requires a deep evaluation and a list of inspirations.

Here are movies to remind you that staying strong with your #NoToRelapse phase might just be the way to go!

Healing From A Break-Up: The Top 5 #NoToRelapse Movies

5. The Holiday


Let’s admit it, cheating is just unforgivable. This is exactly what happens to Iris who keeps hoping that her romance with her cheating boyfriend will work out, only to find out he’s getting married. Meanwhile, Amanda’s boyfriend just cheated on her because she’s too busy to have sex. What do you when life falls apart? Exchange houses with a complete stranger from another country, of course. Amanda leaves her home in Los Angeles and moves to Iris’ house in the UK, while Iris moves to Los Angeles. A change of scenery and a break from reality is what they both needed on Christmas season. Hopefully, the holiday will give them a chance to figure out what they want and discover the love that they have always wanted.

4. 500 days of Summer


Don’t be fooled, this is not just a love story. If you want a real narrative of how romantic expectations turn out in the real world then this movie is for you. Tom is a hopeless romantic who believes that true happiness will come when he finds true love. Enter Summer, a girl who believes the opposite. Like in all love stories, making her feel your effort can get you what you want. But what do you do when life happens? Do you move on or do you get her back? Find out in 500 days of Summer!

3. Legally Blonde


Elle Woods gets dumped by Warner for not being good or smart enough. Chasing after your true love is almost always the right move which leads Elle to follow her boyfriend to Harvard Law. Her hopes of a rekindling romance are dashed when she realizes he’ll never take her seriously. After Warner and everyone else classifies her as the ‘dumb blonde,’ Elle studies her ass off to prove them wrong. True enough, she turns her life around. Now that’s how you handle a breakup!

2. Love, Rosie


This movie spans a 12 year love story of living in denial and finding someone else, which leads to disaster. Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were five, so risking their friendship for a relationship is seriously out of the question. What happens then if you end up with the wrong person? Love, Rosie is a classic case of bad timing between two people. Moral of the story? Sometimes, we just need the guts to go for what we want because, maybe, we can have it.

1. The Other Woman


If you think your boyfriend is hiding something, he probably is. In this movie, it’s the fact that he’s married. Carly thinks Mark is quite possibly ‘The One,’ so she ends up sneaking to his place to have some fun. That is until Kate, Mark’s wife, opens the door and finds out Mark is cheating on her. Normally, anyone would break it off, but not Kate who’s stuck thinking that her cheating husband still loves her despite the string of girls he’s having sex with. Kate can be in all of us. The girl stuck in a love-hate, on-off struggle of loving somebody who just does not deserve it. But don’t worry, letting go and realizing you deserve better does not happen overnight. It’s a process done with your closest gal pals. In Kate’s case, it’s done by teaming up with her husband’s mistresses to ruin his charmed life.

What are the other #NoToRelapse movies you’ve watched? Share them in the comments section below!