Haute Auteur 2014: Feast Against the Beast – Triumph of the Multitude

Haute Auteur 2014: Feast Against the Beast – Triumph of the Multitude


The University of the Philippines’ Cineastes’ Studio (UP Cineastes) invites everyone interested in films and filmmaking as they present their much-anticipated annual event, Haute Auteura silent video competition open to all film enthusiasts.


A golden opportunity for filmmakers to hone their skills and expand their horizons as artists, Haute Auteur was created to celebrate cinema’s roots and to promote fellowship in the film community.

But what truly sets Haute Auteur apart is that it is not only a filmic event but a musical event as well—the short films are screened and scored live by musicians. Now on its fourth year, Haute Auteur has become the go-to event for filmmakers and musicians alike, having introduced a number of new talents to the art community at large.

Entitled Haute Auteur 2014: Feast Against the Beast – Triumph of the Multitude, this year’s theme asks for entries that challenge oppressive societal forces. Contestants shall submit short, silent films that embody the theme, each 3-5 minutes in length. The entries will be presented in week-long public galleries at several different venues, after which, the top 5 finalists will have their works featured during the Awards’ Night.

The Awards’ Night—the culmination of the entire festival—will present the five finalists’ films in a night of music and merry-making. Each film will be screened and simultaneously scored live by musical bands. After the program, another line-up of musical artists shall perform on stage. Drinks and cocktails will be available throughout the whole evening, making Haute Auteur a feast for the senses.

An event as innovative as Haute Auteur can only be created by innovative minds, minds borne out of the vision and standards upheld by the UP Cineastes’ Studio—the same tenets that have produced the likes of Ely Buendia, Joyce Bernal, Cathy Garcia-Molina, Jade Castro, Cris Pablo, among others.

“It has always been our passion to bring new perspectives of cinema to film enthusiasts and not only does Haute Auteur provide this perspective, it also acts as a venue for people to create things,” shares the current president of the organization, Sebastianne Mariano. “And with this year’s theme centering on collective action, we aim for inspiring films to be brought about—films not only of aesthetic and technical strength, but those that contain a positive and meaningful message. The UP Cineastes’ Studio is and always has been passionate about the cultivation of a meaningful Filipino cinema.”

She believes in “giving a voice to branches of film that may be under the radar, and in this case bringing silent films back to life.” She describes Haute Auteur as “modern, young, and relevant” in that it “gives silent films a twist by injecting the local art and music scene.”

This year’s festival director, Steven Evangelio, sums it all up into “inspiring the people the way we know best—filmmaking.” And by inspire, he means no less than “uplifting the spirits of the Filipino people and reaching out to let them know that they are not alone, that we are one with them as we celebrate and feast against the beast.

Together with the UP Film Institute, the UP Cineastes’ Studio presents this event with pride and confidence in line with the organization’s continued support and elevation of filmmaking and the cinema.

Catch Haute Auteur 2014: Feast Against the Beast – Triumph of the Multitude Awards Night on March 08, 2014 at 70s Bistro. For updates, visit www.facebook.com/upcineastes or follow @UPCineastes on Twitter.

Haute Auteur 2014: Feast Against the Beast – Triumph of the Multitude

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