Hassle-Free Baking Sessions: Just Mix!

Who doesn’t love baking? Baking has always been a quick way to ease stress, with a byproduct to also make the people around you happy! It has been one of my favorite hobbies ever since, but it sometimes takes too much time with preparation and cleaning up. With its sensitive nature of accuracy and measurement (plus the dreaded amount of things to wash afterwards!), baking can really take some effort.

But nothing can stop passionate bakers out there. And in the name of keeping things simplefor beginners, above all—here’s a great invention to thank! These Just Mix creators are an awesome bunch!


Who knew your ingredients can be pre-measured into jars? Man, this cut down the process into a so much quicker one.


And gosh, those chocolate chips look way too tempting!


How to be a Just Mix Master

Step 1

All you need to do is add the wet ingredients: egg, butter, and vanilla. These are mostly baking staples you’ll find readily available in the grocery, if not in your kitchen. Both the brownie and the cookie mixes only call for these ingredients.

Now just mix them u a bit, and voila! The Matcha White Chocolate Cookie is a really great deal. Complex, but so easy to make with Just Mix.


Step 2

Set your delicious creations up in the oven for a few minutes.


Step 3

Eat. Be happy. (Seriously, it’s that easy.)



And really, kudos to their Matcha White Chocolate Cookie for converting a green tea hater like me. Haha! I’ve never been fond of green tea, but I don’t think anyone can actually dislike this one. Just had a tiny problem with the cookie being too soft at first, but leaving them out in the pan to cool solved the problem. It got me a bit impatient at first and so some shapes got a little ruined, but it doesn’t matter because they tasted really good.


These Just Mix creations can also be sent as gifts! The Choco Chip cookie mix is only Php 180, the Matcha White Chocolate Php 250, while the Everything Brownie is Php 220. These would be a sure treat for your friends trying to get into baking.

Just Mix delivers in Metro Manila and Baguio and also have their products sold in Third Cup Cafe, Katipunan.


Cheers to hassle-free baking sessions!


Just Mix

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