Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant: A Dining Experience Mirrored after the Rural City of Japan

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When in Manila and in search for a place where you could experience a casual Japanese dining experience, make sure you drop by Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant located along the stretch of Kapitolyo. I’m in love with Japanese food. I could literally eat Japanese all day, everyday. My friends would agree when I say that I’ve sort of influenced them with my everyday-Japanese cravings. One of my good friends Andro suggested that we try-out Haru as it just newly opened.

He also mentioned that the owner of Haru is the same owner of Cafe Juanita which is located right beside it. It even has a door connecting both restaurants.

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As you enter the vicinity, the first thing you’d notice will be the sushi bar. The Japanese head chef, together with the other assistant chefs, make the scrumptious rolls and sashimi from fresh produce which is neatly contained in the glass display on the counter.

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As we arrived at the restaurant, I noticed how packed the place was given the number of cars parked outside. Judging from its exterior, I already felt like I was within the boundaries of ethnic Japan. The bright lights and homey-Japanese fusion ambiance is probably what lures people to the place.

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Every detail in the restaurant resembles the Japanese culture. One of my favorite spots is the area with a bridge and fountain. Below the bridge is a pond with actual Koi fishes. The way the restaurant was designed was mirrored after the traditional Japanese rural city.

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Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi 

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 California Maki

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 Ebi-Ten Roll

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 Spicy Tuna


 Crazy Roll

Aside from the ambiance, one of the must-try from Haru are their rolls and Sashimi, which as I’ve mentioned, are made from fresh fish and seafood produce. Among the hand-made creations that we tried were the Maguro (tuna) Sashimi, California Maki, Ebi-ten roll, Spicy Tuna and Crazy Maki.

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 Beef Yakiniku

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 Shrimp Tempura

If you’re not fond of the traditional Japanese raw meals then you could opt for the  Shrimp Tempura or the Beef Yakiniku.

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One of the other things that we enjoyed was the bell that they gave us to call the attention of the servers. This made it convenient for both parties, as with a ring, they came “right at our service”.

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 Crepe Samurai

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 Blueberry Cheesecake

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 Caramel Flan

Japanese food may seem light but it’s actually filling, be sure to make room for dessert. Their best-seller is the Crepe Samurai. You can also try their delectable Blueberry Cheesecake and Caramel Flan. By the time we cleaned our desert plates, none of us were able to talk for a few seconds. We needed time to absorb everything that we ingested. It was indeed a good meal!

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Thank you to Mr. Boy Vazquez, M.D. for entertaining and accommodating us for the night!

When in Manila and looking for a truly Japanese, rural, dining experience, make sure you drop by HARU.

 Thank you to Farhannah for helping me take the food shots! =)

HARU Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Owner: Mr. Boy Vazquez, M.D.

21 West Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

(632) 631-05-97

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant: A Dining Experience Mirrored after the Rural City of Japan