Harry Styles Talks About His Big Acting Debut on Dunkirk: “I felt so lucky to be there”

Have you seen Dunkirk yet? The war drama by none other than the celebrated director Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy) has been much anticipated, and with good reason. From the powerful cast, the script, and the all-out production, there has been much buzz about the movie. And now that it’s here, we have more reason to celebrate. Oscar buzz has been going around, too. And dare we say, yes, Dunkirk deserves it.

Of course, another reason to look forward to Dunkirk is for Harry Styles from One Direction, who makes his acting debut in this film. And he’s been getting nothing but great reviews. Nolan has received a bit of criticism over his casting of Styles, but the director defended his decision by saying Styles auditioned for the part just like everyone else, and deserved it just as much as his other co-stars, as well.

Take a look at Harry Styles talking about getting emotional after seeing the film, and working with a group of heavy names in Hollywood.

Watch it below:

Dunkirk is now showing in theaters nationwide. Catch it asap!

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