Halloween hacks: The 7 best places in Manila to trick-or-treat to score ALL the candy!

Halloween is known for many things. You often think of pumpkins or costumes or ghouls. But me? I think of candy (mostly because I’m already afraid of ghosts on the regular).

We asked around and found out the best places to go trick-or-treating in Manila. Maybe you’ll even get some full-sized Snickers or your favorite jelly cups? ūüėČ

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7. Acropolis

Looking to score lots of candy? The residents of Acropolis are sure to give you some–by the bucket! The generous patrons who live in these parts show us how much they care about us and our sweet tooths (sweet teeth? who knows). Make sure you dress to impress–some Halloween door-moms love to give a little bit of extra to the kids who really wow them!

6. Green Meadows


Our friends over in Pasig aren’t going to get one-upped so easily. It’s a pretty compact subdivision with a straightforward layout of mostly parallel streets so getting candy will just require you to move in zigzag motions the whole night. And word on the street is that some of the residents give entire packs of gummi worms and gummi bears. You won’t even need to share!

5. Valle Verde

Ah, the close neighbor of Green Meadows. They won’t back down either. It might be the sheer number of Valle Verdes, but their turn-outs for Halloween are pretty impressive, too. It’s a bit confusing deciding which one to go to with your friends, but once you’ve picked on, you’re sure to get some sweet Halloween loot.

4. Ayala Heights


Aptly named Ayala¬†Heights because of how high your pile of candy will be after trick-or-treating. It’s like being situated near all that green grass helps them grow all those sweets, too! Like they sprout out of the trees or the ground or something. Either way, we care not for how they procure the candies–just that they have them. And¬†boy,¬†do they have candy for us.

3. Corinthian Gardens

Another place that seems to be just growing candy out of the ground. This is a popular choice, the relatively large village garnering lots of attention and foot traffic on Hallow’s Eve. We don’t blame the kids–these residents just spoil the candy maniacs in all of us (me, especially). I once walked away with full-sized Snickers bars and all of Snickers’ brothers and sisters (Mars, Twix, etc.).

2. Loyola Grand Villas

The Northerners will not be silenced. LGV has grand villas and grand amounts of candy to spare. While its twisting roads and up-and-downhills may get dizzying, it’s all worth the mountainesque hikes to just fill up your pails. The North is generous and Quezon City citizens who live in LGV are about to show you what they’ve got up their sleeves.

1. Ayala Alabang

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While the North is a great contender, the true champion is Ayala Alabang in the South. It was a landslide victory. Simple layout of the village + generous residents +¬†amazing¬†decor? This is a Halloween experience for the books. You’ll probably feel like you’re walking through a horror movie set with how¬†extra the residents of this village are with their decor. And their candy? Top-notch stuff. Had those giant boxes of nerds and Airheads and sour candies galore. Thank you, Mighty South. You win this year.

Where are you going to go trick-or-treating? Let us know!