Halloween Feels: Group of Friends Recreate “Train to Busan” A Little Too Accurately

That’s it. We can all go home now. These people have definitely won Train to Busan cosplay attempts because they all look so cool and their photos channel zombie apocalypse feels, too!


Gabriel Yap who dressed up as Sang-Hwa (buffed bearded dad with a pregnant wife) shared with us that it was a tradition for them to celebrate Halloween every year. Three of them watched Train to Busan together and after being drawn to certain characters, they decided to dress up as a group this time.


They had plans of partying at Today x Future in Cubao and since they were already in the area, they decided to do a shoot as well. We’re glad they did! Kudos to Karl Bautista (@karlbauuu on IG) for the photos!



Photos were grabbed from Elise Mendoza’s tweet:


The cast:

  • Kurt Yu (@kurtsyu on IG) as Seok Woo (main character dad)
  • Baj Salamera (@annasalamera on IG) as Su An (the child)
  • Gabriel Yap (@_gagabobo on IG) as Sang Hwa (buffed dad with pregnant wife)
  • Elise Mendoza (@elisemendoza on IG) as Seong Kyong (pregnant wife)
  • Alfred Gutierrez (@alfreddygutz on IG) as Young Guk (baseball student)
  • Eunice Lemi (@eunicelemi on IG) as Jin Hee (girl student)
  • Fab Fabia (@fabfabia_ on IG) as Yong Suk (greedy antagonist)
  • Josef Ponce (@heyosef) as homeless man

What do you think of their Train to Busan photos?