Halilihan fundraiser: Catalyzing change through social solidarity

The right to education remains inaccessible for millions of children around the world today. While some countries have successfully alleviated from this circumstance, several countries and communities around the world are still struggling, being denied the basic and fundamental right to education. Indigenous peoples are disproportionately affected by this learning crisis as they were not provided with an adequate, culturally sensitive, and holistic education. 


The UST English Language Society (UST-ELSSOC), as an organization with high regard for free and quality education for all, presents Halilihan: Wika ng Bayanihan, a school fundraiser that underlines the importance of revamping and improving the education system of the Indigenous learners. This school fundraiser is a part of UST-ELSSOC’s projects towards community development as it actively raises awareness on the situation of learning and educational struggles of the Indigenous Peoples learners, specifically the students and teachers of Sta. Juliana National High School (SJNHS) in Capas, Tarlac. The barriers to education that IP learners in Tarlac deal with include stigmatization and cultural appropriation of their identity and heritage as embedded in their curriculum and available educational materials, and most importantly, the insufficient funding and low prioritization of Indigenous education by the government and other stakeholders.


Halilihan: Wika ng Bayanihan aims to help relieve the learning situation of the IP learners in Tarlac by hosting an online fundraiser and through collaborations from reputable local brands that share the same advocacy of inclusive and comprehensive education for all. In collaboration with Tala by Kyla, a local online shop that curates and sells trendy pieces of accessories, and Hiatus MNL, a local clothing brand that retails apparel and outfits, both released a special Halilihan collection inspired by the culture and heritage of IP learners in Tarlac. The money and donations that will be raised from the fundraiser and donation drive, as well as the customized products from the event’s partner brands, will help in providing the community of Sta. Juliana with the necessary learning supplies and equipment. Currently, the fundraiser is still open for cash and in-kind donations.


The attainment of free and quality education has still not been fully realized by IP learners, but through these approaches, we are able to pave a convenient and well-situated path to actualize these goals. This community development project by UST-ELSSOC goes to show the power of our little efforts, especially when fueled with advocacy and social solidarity. 






Know more about the cause and how you can donate here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/halilihan.fundraiserph

Instagram: @halilihan.fundraiserph

Twittter: @halilihan_ph


Written by Rozene Adremesin