Hair Cut, Color, Styling in Manila at Vivere Salon

When in Manila and trying to survive a crazy work-week schedule or getting over a heartbreak or just really need a good excuse for a time out from the real world, I found a happy place to retreat to called Vivere Salon. If you don’t know it yet, us ladies feel the need to be pampered once in a while because, well, just because! Who says we need a reason (or an excuse) to pamper ourselves? It’s just the way it is. Boys, we didn’t ask why you bought the spaceship-looking basketball shoes or the ridiculously expensive mags for your car, so when it comes to pampering ourselves, don’t go down the asking why route, because you might find yourselves in an argument which believe me, you might just lose. Once in a while, we need that beauty fix. Period.


So last week I found the perfect excuse to visit Vivere salon. “I need a haircut.”Your hair is still short.””Uh-huh. I need a haircut.” Which of course was the end of the conversation, I’d like to believe I always know what I need to do with my hair, I was bored and needed a haircut, stat. Fast-forward to the day my friend and I got to visit the megamall branch of Vivere salon.


Vivere salon is perfectly located on the 5th floor where almost everything you need to pamper yourself is there. So after having your nails done, or your eyebrows, or even your lashes in the surrounding shops, you can also drop by Vivere Salon for that much needed haircut!



Nina and I were so excited to have our hair done by their creative stylist Hector Real who has been in this industry for ten years and even studied at the Vidal Sasoon academy abroad! But what Nina didn’t know was that I was more excited for hers. She had long beautiful hair but she’s never had them short so I thought it was about time that she had them cut especially because I knew it would make her feel better afterwards. I know the power of a good haircut, i know what it does to women. Leave us in the hands of a good hairstylist and we will be in a cheery mood for the days and weeks to come (Yes guys, weeks. Because after a few weeks, we’d need that trim.)



So there we were, psyched for the new us that was about to emerge in just a few minutes. We were offered magazines for reading and even  drinks such as coffee, juice or tea, which i thought was a simple but nice gesture.


I haven’t had my hair colored in a long time so what I thought would be minutes turned out to be hours on the chair so I was really glad I got to bring a friend along, and ladies i suggest you do the same the next time you decide to have your hair colored and treated too. Either that, or bring a good book, or make sure your phone has pretty good games. I on the other hand was just too excited for my friend that I kept looking at her and her different reactions and facial expressions while Hector was cutting her hair. I’ve got to hand it to Hector too, Nina was so scared and hesitant at first, and I don’t blame her, she’s worn her hair long for the past 7 years, but Hector was reassuring her the whole time, showing her how short he was going to cut it and reassuring her that it was something she would feel comfortable with. Here are just some of Nina’s reactions while hector was cutting her hair.

I am so happy to say that Nina and I are very happy with our new hairstyles! Hector and his team did a wonderful job! HOw do you know if a  hairstylist did a great job? When they don’t need to reassure you in the end, it’s when you yourself can look in the mirror and say “Well there’s the new me, and I am loving it!”



In case you’re wondering why we’re wearing bathrobes, it’s because we were running late for an appointment with a spa so Nina and I had no time to take pictures of the “after” while at the salon and had to take a picture when we got to the spa (but more on that experience in the days to come).


So when in Manila and looking for a hairstylist who can make you feel great about how you look, who knows what they’re doing and who will pamper you on your visit, look for a Vivere Salon near you.



Hair Cut, Color, Styling in Manila at Vivere Salon

Vivere Salon branches are located in :

1. 4/L Midtown wing of Robinsons Ermita (567 1955)
2. 3/L West Wing of Robinsons Galleria (910 5489)
3. LG the Annex of SM north EDSA (501 2158)
4. 5/L of Mega B in Megamall (914 0841)
5. Marquee Mall in Angeles, Pampanga


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