Guys, Listen Up: This is the ‘World’s First Foam Pomade’ aka the Foamade!

*No woman named Delilah was harmed in the making of this article*

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We’ve all heard of the tale about the famous pair in Biblical history named Samson and Delilah. We just know it as the story about a man falling into his own demise as he trusted the wrong woman by telling his Achilles’ heel—his hair. Many interpreted the story’s ending almost the same way, but one man, Kendrick Co, made his own take with the story and creatively conceptualized his hair product business with it. Check out Samson Hates Delilah.

“The greatest love story ever told was real, but the ending was not. She cut his hair, now he has to style it.”

With just that tagline, it’s already a standing ovation for us. A solid branding is always important to attract customers into buying your products, but what ultimately makes Samson Hates Delilah distinct is that they are officially the world’s first foamade! 


That was not a typographical error, mind you. Samson Hates Delilah is a pomade product, but, to take it up a notch, it’s in the form of foam! At first, pomades were just made out of wax-like substances, then some created water-based ones to avoid unwanted residues in hair. Now, Samson Hates Delilah gives even more convenience by innovating this grooming essential for men. 

First things first, this foamade truly works like magic. It might seem like just a dash of air in your palm, but it’s 100% effective—all stick, no trace. It’s not watery and it definitely does not leave wax on your hair like other products. Secondly, you’d appreciate how economical Samson Hates Delilah is. Unlike canisters where you scoop the pomade with your fingers, you could control the amount of the pomade you want. You usually just need one to three pumps of it and you’re all good! Imagine all those pumps guarantee the same quantity; that way, you won’t waste the product by getting too much accidentally. 

I tried using it with one event and I absolutely loved it. 

If you want one of your own, it’s just PHP 395.00 and it can already last a month. You can order online by messaging them on Instagram or you could go to their partner barbershops and buy from them directly. They are available: Dapper Club, Juan & Pablo, Union Station Barbershop, Sanbry Grooming House.

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The love story didn’t end well with the two, but we may have Delilah to thank for because your own love story might just happen with your new hairdo. Style it well and play it well, gents! 


Samson Hates Delilah
IG: @samsonhatesdelilah 


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