LOOK: This Guy Posted a Meme… and Actually Got an Essay as a Response

I’m sure you are all familiar with this meme by now:

Angelina Jolie essay meme

(If you aren’t, there you go.)

How many of you have shared this meme on your wall? Did anyone actually respond with an essay? Well, someone responded to this guy:

Fred Lo shares that he posted this meme as a joke the other day – and to his surprise (and to mine, to be honest), someone answered. Now, I wasn’t surprised that someone would want to respond to Fred. It was more like… “Wow. Someone actually responded to a meme!” Basically, reading about the story made my day, so I asked Fred if I could share it with you all.

You can read the essay on Fred’s Facebook post here:

“The words written just resonated with me so naturally,” Fred shares. “The frustration… the cinder of whatever hope is left in an exhausted heart… the stress of another “Hello!”, “How are you?”, “Where are you from?” I’m so done… and you understood that. Thank you. Even if you didn’t make it to 500, this was beautiful.”

Now let’s all repost that meme again and see if we get any responses. :p (Asa pa ako!)

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