Guilty of Cramming Your Thesis? Learn from this “You Do Note, Don’t Cram The RRL” Seminar

The University of the Philippines Association of Political Science Majors is an academic student organization based in the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UP Diliman. The organization aims to promote the objective study of Political Science and prompt social involvement among students.

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In line with this goal, UP APSM will be conducting a research seminar entitled “You Do Note, Don’t Cram The RRL: Writing the Review of Related Literature in Qualitative and Quantitative Research” on September 28, 2019, 1-4 PM at PH 208, Palma Hall, UP Diliman. This research seminar will focus on the discussion of formulating a comprehensive Review of Related Literature, both in the quantitative and qualitative contexts, to be conducted by invited notable speakers from the UP Diliman Department of Political Science.

UP APSM Research Seminar Official Event Poster

Since the writing of the Review of Related Literature has always been a tedious task for students and researchers, the organization realizes one of its goals which is to promote the objective study of Political Science and social involvement among students, through educating and nurturing our youth with a seminar to be delivered by Associate Professor Aries A. Arugay, PhD; Assistant Professor Perlita M.

Frago-Marasigan, PhD; and Assistant Professor Francis Joseph A. Dee MSc.

This event aims to develop the skills and competence of students, and educators alike, in the field of political science and other social sciences, in writing a proper and effective Review of Related Literature.

This is also to help them avoid the dangers of committing plagiarism and the consequences that come with it. The organization wants to prepare students for the heavy tasks of research and development of thesis topics, term papers, and academic discussions which they will surely face in the near future.