Grounding and Surfing in Gubat, Sorsogon

Exhausted from your busy city life? Need a change of view and been wanting to be one with nature? Then maybe it’s time for an escape! Get your bare feet on the ground and on your surfboard.

There’s a municipality 14 hours away by land from Manila that proves to be the perfect place for an energy recharge with nature. If you also happen to be into surfing and are looking for a chill spot to catch some waves, Gubat, Sorsogon is the place to be!

Gubat Sunrise

It was a short notice trip for a volunteer activity, making the trip alone worth it for the cause. However, seeing Gubat, Sorsogon for the first time made it much more meaningful for me.

Quick observations: The municipality of Gubat is not fully developed yet, so it gives off a laidback “probinsya feel”. You will literally be disconnected because the signal strength is not that great in most areas. But yeah, that’s the whole point of going here: to be with nature and away from technology. There are only two ATMs (I almost didn’t get into the bus going back to Manila because I ran out of cash and couldn’t withdraw. Good thing a co-passenger lent me money and I was able to buy my ticket). I didn’t run out of cash because it’s expensive in Gubat, though. In fact, everything in Gubat is cheap.

Palm Trees

We stayed at Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp where the last leg of Surf to School Program 2018 was also held. The camp itself gives off that “probinsya” life vibe, where you feel so close to nature. It is so refreshing to the eyes as there are palm trees all over the camp. Here, you can enjoy walking around the camp with your bare feet or rest in hammocks under the palm trees.

Bahay Kubo

The accommodations are basic nipa huts. Although there is no airconditioning, they are well-ventilated. This is what the camp is aiming for: they encourage you to try living a simple provincial life while you’re there.

The beach is just a step away and is a haven for those who love surfing. Unlike other surf spots, it’s not crowded at all; we were even there on a weekend. You can rent surfboards at the camp or ask for a surfing lesson at a very reasonable price.

The beach is just so pure; there are no distracting establishments. It’s perfect for simply surfing or chilling on the beach while listening to the waves.

The camp also faces the sunrise, so it’s beautiful to wake up early and walk by the beach or surf in the mornings.

Surfing Sunrise

Since the locals are very hospitable, you won’t have a hard time connecting and interacting with them, and learning their ways and their stories.

Kids Dab

Most of the staff in Lola Sayong are very young people who share the same love for surfing. How cool is it  that the sport of the people here, from kids to grown-ups, is surfing? It’s also amazing how unquestionably, you will feel their respect for one another.

Groms Surfing

Since there are no fancy establishments or restaurants here, you can either cook your own food or go to Sayong’s simple restaurant and coffee shop that offers affordable menu items.

Lola Sayong

It’s so basic yet so breathtaking. Cheers to earth’s power to recharge your tired body from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take that long drive now, escape for a while, disconnect and unwind at this hidden paradise.