Great Coffee in Manila – Highlands Coffee

The difference between a casual coffee drinker and a true caffeine-junkie is often their definition of what ‘great coffee‘ is. Whichever side of the coffee fence you’re on, be sure to enjoy a cup of great coffee at Highlands Coffee, Resorts World Manila.

Great coffee means Highlands Coffee.

Highlands Coffee began as packaged roasted coffee in 2000. Just two years later, the great coffee taste of the brand was enough to push the company to open their own cafe in Vietnam. The quality, great taste, and unique blends of Highlands Coffee have taken over Vietnam, with over fifty cafes all around the country. This year, Highlands Coffee was introduced to the coffee-loving city of Manila.

When in Manila and in need for some great coffee, drop by Cafe Republiq at Resorts World Manila and order a cup!

When in Manila writers love Highlands Coffee!

In line with Highlands Coffee’s lifestyle brand belief, the brand co-hosted DJ Afrojack’s Manila tour held at the Republiq Superclub in Resorts World Manila, and hosted the pre-show party at the Republiq Cafe. Guests were treated to Highlands’ great coffee and some snacks – just the right ingredients for parties when in Manila!

Great coffee with great music.

Great coffee with great food, courtesy of Cafe Republiq.

Lining up for some Highlands Coffee before partying!

They love their great coffee from Highlands!

DJ Afrojack: certified great coffee lover.

Highlands Coffee offers both hot and cold beverages, perfect for either a cool night or a hot day. When in Manila and on the lookout for great coffee, there’s always Highlands Coffee to go to at Cafe Republiq, Resorts World Manila!

Great Coffee in Manila – Highlands Coffee


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