Government plans to bring back Good Manners and Right Conduct subject for all levels

Have you ever asked somebody this question or maybe even thought to yourself: “Why Can’t Filipinos Seem to Follow Simple, Basic Rules?

Well, that concern may have a chance of decreasing if Filipinos are given the opportunity to learn more about good manners and right conduct.

On July 19, it was reported that Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri has filed Senate Bill No. 310 or the proposed GMRC Act. This act aims to bring back the school subject on Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC) for all levels in elementary and high school.

Despite the Department of Education stating that Values Education is presently included in the curriculum for elementary and secondary schooling, Zubiri disagrees stating that the children of our country still show misconduct due to being involved in breaking laws.

“I observe that this seeming downgrading of Values Education in the curriculum has made it harder to raise upright citizens. So, we see rising criminality in the streets and inside our homes committed by youngsters and adults who have not undergone GMRC as we had in the old days,” Zubiri stated.

“We witness this low level of discipline in disrespectful behavior of children and teens who are most vulnerable to the use of drugs and oftentimes resort to gangsterism,” he further mentioned.

According to the Senate Leader, the outcome of being deprived of GMRC education is that “children and teens who haven’t been taught well in values don’t  know how to assert their rights against abusive peers and adults, even abusive parents.” where Zubiri mentions they will benefit from this “very much.”

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As he puts emphasis to his point, he compared GMRC education to other countries who benefited from prioritizing learning values such as discipline and respect like they do in Japan and Singapore. “We can see how it is effective in their own countries and as a matter of fact praised and emulated by many people across the world,” he pointed out.

Furthermore, he mentioned GMRC education being part of the curricula in public and private schools will not cost much and “adding another subject and additional time in school for GMRC is a wise investment that the government must make.”

DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones expressed his acceptance to the revival of the GMRC subject in schools in an interview over radio DZBB.

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