Gourmandise Patisserie: The Place to go for Delectable Eclairs in Manila

When in Manila, locals can’t get enough of the Parisian charm. We Filipinos crave for the authentic French experience, and who wouldn’t, considering the timeless romance and decadence the City of Lights emanates. While a bunch of French pastry shops can be found around Manila, nothing embodies the spirit of Paris quite like Gourmandise Patisserie.


Ohhhh yummyyyy! L-R: Matcha and Yuzu Opera Cake, Raspberry Dulce de Leche, Lemon, and Mont Blanc eclairs



Gourmandise Patisserie at Serendra

Gourmandise Patisserie at Serendra is the brainchild of Chef Sunshine Pengson, and has opened its doors to foodie-loving Manila just around two months ago. Since then, Gourmandise Patisserie has quickly become one of the most popular places to go for French-inspired pastries in Manila, their premier offerings being their éclairs that come in an assortment of delightful flavors. Hannah and I sampled a box filled with their éclairs, and now we know why just about everyone is raving about them!

Pretty boxes for pretty desserts!


L-R: Coffee, Chocolate, and Raspberry Dulce de Leche (all 90.00 PHP)


Mont Blanc (90.00 PHP)


Lemon (90.00 PHP)



Gourmandise Patisserie éclairs are handmade fresh daily, and from all-natural ingredients; this is what makes these éclairs so luscious and rich! I honestly don’t know which is my favorite; they’re all so creamy and flavorful. Each of Gourmandise Patisserie’s nine flavors is a beautifully executed deviation from your usual custard-filled éclair; from their lemon éclair to their Raspberry Dulce de Leche!  Although if I had to pick one I would recommend, it would be their Praline éclairs. It is exactly like Ferrero Rocher chocolate morphed into an éclair, with its strong hazelnut flavor and sweetness directly reminiscent of the famed chocolate. Their salted caramel éclair, one of their bestsellers, is also worth a mention. I find it to be the best rendition of the salted caramel flavor! It’s the right balance of salty and sweet without one flavor trying to overpower the other.

Gourmandise Patisserie also offers a selection of artisan tarts.


Passionfruit Tart (250.00 PHP)


Little framed paintings lining  the walls, so chic!


 I hope someone would translate this for me.


Much like their éclairs, the interiors of Gourmandise Patisserie are quite a work of art! Their blush-pink walls lined with lovely vintage murals and French music filling the air definitely bring to mind the chic Parisian patisseries we see in the movies. It’s the perfect place to enjoy your sweet treat! So when in Manila and craving for some delectable éclairs, have your fill at Gourmandise Patisserie!

 Even the boxes are works of art!



Gourmandise Patisserie


Ground Floor, Serendra, McKinley Parkway, 1634 Fort Bonifacio

Email: gmdpatisserie@­gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gourmandise-Patisserie



Gourmandise Patisserie: The Place to go for Delectable Eclairs in Manila

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