Good eats at the Veranda of Robinson’s Galleria

When In Manila and hungry for either american, chinese, pinoy or even an authentic french experience, visit the Veranda at Robinson’s Galleria for it’s diverse array of cuisines that will surely satisfy any type of craving.

I got a chance along with other bloggers to experience what the Veranda had to offer. These are my absolute favorites from all 10 restaurants that I visited at the Veranda.

Sisig (Php 168)
Everyone has heard of Giligans, right about now. They don’t just have delicious filipino food & beer to chill with on a good night, they’re also very affordable. My favorite would be their sisig. Unlike many others you see in Manila, Giligans has the crunchiest. I can characterize it better as a sizzling chicharon dish. Over some beer this is the ultimate good-vibes pulutan.


La J.J. (Php 215.00)
Ham, emmental and gruyere cheese, tomato, garlic and chili flakes.
La Creperie is a quaint little french tea salon. They offer amazing T.W.G. teas and authentic french crepes. Unlike japanese crepes, these are usually served warm.
This dish was amazing! Very gooey and savory. Served with a side of silvermoon tea or Moroccan iced tea.  So refreshing.


Hyphys (pronounced as high-fees) is a mix of Filipino cuisine with San Franciscan food. This was all inspired by the Chef’s hometowns.  Taking traditional filipino food and modernizing it for everyone to enjoy. You must try their Bangus steak (Php 210.00)! It’s deboned milkfish marinated in the chef’s grandma’s special sauce & pan fried served with rice, buttered seasonal vegetables and atchara.
They also have the most unique cocktails! (Left) Meztiza which is a blend of Lambanog and fruits. & on the right is a very clever mix of alcohol and yes, chili! It tastes the same but it has a spicy aftertaste.

8 Spices is one of the best Thai restaurant that I have ever been to. I heard the Robinson’s team raving about this. They would not even try eating at the other restaurants we’ve been to cause they might lose their appetites. Indeed it was very much worth it. I wish I had done the same! The Tom Yam soup was so good. I wanted to take some home with me. It had the mixture of fresh seafood with a hot & spicy broth. This can fill up about 2-3 people for just Php 380.00 (Large!) Also, make sure to try their fried Lapu-lapu in 5 herbs and Pad Thai with shrimp! Mmmm.

You have got to visit Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well they serve awesome Cantonese food like Xiao Long Pao, Vegetarian Homemade Beancurd w/ asparagus & Bailing Mushroom & my favorite: Shrimp on Toast (Php 330.00) it’s basically self explanatory: Shrimp on toast and deepfried. They also have White Chocolate Buchi! Really soft buchi with luscious white chocolate inside. Mmm!

After all of these frozen yogurt shops poppin’ out everywhere here in Manila, Golden Spoon is my favorite! I think it’s the multi-flavored yogurt base that took my heart. Flavors like Cake batter, strawberry cheesecake and so much more. If you’re as confused as I am with what yogurt flavor to get, don’t worry they will be more than happy to let you try as many flavors as you can until you make your ultimate life-altering decision. After trying everything though I still went with my favorite: Cake batter. Usually I would order 2 toppings: A hot molten mallow cream on top with chocolate chip cookie dough bits.  This one, however was topped with mochi rice cake.

Offcourse, who has forgotten the Johnny Rocket’s review I just published? If you haven’t seen it yet, click here. But back to more desserts. This beautiful milkshake is so rich and creamy Im actually craving it right now. Try the creamsickle or butterfinger flavors! They have massive chunks of butterfinger at the bottom. Mmmmmm.

When In Manila and totally mad for whatever cuisine it may be. Make sure to visit the Veranda at Robinson’s Galleria to get your fix of amazing food brought to you by Johnny Rockets, Hyphys, Papa Johns, Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well, La Creperie, 8 spices, Giligan’s,  and Golden spoon.

Level 2, Robinsons Galleria Veranda, Robinsons Mall,
Edsa corner Ortigas Ave., Ugong Norte, Quezon City.


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