Go! Volunteer Expo 2016 Matches Volunteers with Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to help? Do you wish to volunteer for a cause but don’t know where to start?

You can start by going to the Go! Volunteer Expo on Saturday and Sunday (March 5-6) at the Glorietta Activity Center. Get to know as many as 25 organizations offering volunteer opportunities in various causes, from animal welfare to clean-up drives and tree-planting activities, from tutoring underprivileged children to helping in soup kitchens, from medical missions to organizing art activities for orphans, from community development programs to helping fight for the rights of people with disabilities, and many more!

Go! Volunteer Expo 2016

iVolunteer Philippines, in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Glorietta, Works of Heart (WoH) and 2nd Avenue, is putting together the biggest volunteer engaging event of 2016, with the Go Volunteer Expo on March 5 and 6, 2016 from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm at the Glorietta Activity Center. This two-day event brings together over 25 organizations supporting various causes and advocacies, and looks forward to inviting individuals, families and groups of friends to start volunteering. 

The Go Volunteer Expo promises participants a unique experience in discovering volunteering. Throughout the venue will be interactive areas and activities where would-be volunteers can learn about pressing social needs and how each one can help. Each area is also guided by representatives from several non-profit organizations, who will be more than willing to share about their programs and opportunities to be actively involved. 

Everybody can be a hero.

iVolunteer Philippines Co-Founder and Current Executive Director, Jan Bernard Tan, sees this event as a good occasion for first-time volunteers to begin exploring what advocacies resonate with them, and understand how their time and skills can benefit the communities that they serve. “We at iVolunteer Philippines dream of a better Philippines, and this is very much possible through the immense contributions of our volunteers. Volunteerism should not only be alive in times of disaster and calamities.

Instead, it should be part of our everyday consciousness,” Tan shared.

Interested attendees to the Expo can already pre-register by visiting the Go Volunteer event site at https://go.ivolunteer.com.ph/pre-registration-2/.

iVolunteer Philippines is a non-profit organization, powered by 100% volunteers. It envisions every Filipino volunteering towards nation building, by making volunteerism known, making it easy, and making it happen.


Are you a non-profit organization with volunteer requirements? Are you someone who wants to help? I suggest you also visit the iVolunteer Philippines site (https://ivolunteer.com.ph) sign up, add your organization and volunteer opportunities and/or check out available volunteer opportunities. The site matches volunteers with opportunities.

After all, why wait for the government or for a superhero to do something when we ourselves can create the solutions?
If we all band together and support each other everybody can be a hero.

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