Globe Tatt Awards 2013 Winners: #wheninmanila Giving Away Spiral Buffet GCs to YOU

Globe Tatt Awards 2013 Winners: #wheninmanila Giving Away Spiral Buffet GCs to YOU

WOW! We won! Best Photo Blog or Microblog in the Philippines!

Thanks so much to the people who nominated us, voted for us, supported us and believed in us!

We were honored to have just been nominated! Our 200+ writers were ecstatic and actually went on all night voting sprees with their families and friends. Not to mention our 350,000+ monthly readers and 100,000+ Facebook fans! Thanks to you all!

To thank you even more, from now until the end of the Tatt Awards Ceremony, Tweet with the hashtag #wheninmanila and you’ll automatically be entered to win a Spiral Buffet meal for two!

Again to win the Spiral Buffet GCs from Sofitel Manila:

1. Tweet using hashtag #wheninmanila

2. Tweet during 7pm-10pm (or during the Tatt Awards if it is extended past 10pm)

3. Include link to this article

You may tweet as many times as you want for more chances to win.

Winners to be announce later that evening.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Doreethy Arizala ‏@baby_tsina  for winning the Spiral Buffet GCs! Email me to claim.

Thanks again to the team and to all of you for making this nomination possible! Thanks again to Globe and the Tatt Council for considering as the top photo blog and microblog in the country!

Here’s a full list of winners –

To see some of our best photos that led to this award, you can check –




P.S. If you’re wondering about the criteria and scoring, according the the TattAwards website, it is as follows:

Detailed main criteria are as follows:

a.) Tatt Council scores – 70% (to be judged by board of judges)

Score is composed of the following criteria:
1.) Content quality – 40%
Should foster the values that Tattoo promotes (passion for greatness, sincere interest to lead by sharing with others)
2.) Social media impact – 20%
Should bring in something unique, fresh and innovative in how social media is used. Must foster positive and constructive response from readers. Judges will receive a copy of the profile, milestones and achievements of each nominee.
3.) Relevance of content to the specific category – 10%
Must be relevant to the particular category it’s in. Must be relevant to Philippine society.

b.) Social Media Engagement and Influence (number of: Fans, Followers, Subscribers, Views, etc.) – 20%
To be able to garner a perfect 20%, the nominee must have the highest number of fans, followers, subscribers, views, etc. among his co-nominees.

c.) Public Voting – 10%
To be able to garner a perfect 10%, the nominee must have the highest number of votes among his co-nominees.


Best Photo Blog or Microblog: If you’re a pro photographer or novice, it doesn’t matter; As long as your photos say more about you and your passion. This person’s photos can be hosted on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, a blog or any photo social media channel. In other words, we’re looking for photo bloggers who’ve “clicked” in the social media scene.


Here’s a full list of winners –

Globe Tatt Awards 2013 Winners: #wheninmanila Giving Away Spiral Buffet GCs to YOU