Global Village 2014: Unifying Cultures through One Passion

Global Village 2014: Unifying Cultures through One Passionpubmat_final-poster-x-when-in-manila_resized

This August 8, the Filipino youth is bound to experience a world of cultures in the University of the Philippines Diliman campus as AIESEC UPD brings Global Village 2014 with the theme of “Unifying Cultures through One Passion”.

The whole day is dedicated for a cultural feast with exchange program students (EPs) and the Diliman commune who can also be part of this cultural exchange through global internship programs and volunteer work offered by AIESEC.

Different booths will be set-up to feature the vast cultures of over 30 EPs joining the event and to promote the help done by partner organizations and NGOs in letting the Filipino youth experience such global opportunities.

An International Food Festival will showcase the various delicacies from the home countries of the invited EPs. The crowd can also enjoy from food concessionaires and cultural shops available.

Various games throughout the program will showcase the camaraderie and friendship of the audience and will be rewarded with prizes from corporate sponsors in International Fiesta.

Talks and insightful discussions from invited speakers will also fill the event with a meaningful cause to explore the world.

Aside from AIESEC UPD’s own Outgoing Exchange team presenting the process and promoting its cause, and the AIESEC Dance performance, cultural performances will also be highlighted in the program.

Global Village 2014 seeks to open global linkages for Filipino college students ready to set forth on a cultural exploration and be inspired with how going out of the country can improve one’s interest on another culture and value its own while helping out too.


AIESEC UP Diliman is one of the local committees of AIESEC in the Philippines, a member country of the largest youth-led organization in the world present in almost 124 countries with over 100,000 members. The Diliman local committee is stationed at the Cesar Virata School of Business and accepts members studying for any undergraduate course. It is the first and premiere local committee in the country, continuing to earn recognitions and maintaining strong partnerships with corporate sponsors. Presently, the organization is composed of 305 members. Active members make up the roles in Business Development, Incoming and Outgoing Internship Programs, Marketing and Communication, Strategic Initiatives, Events, Exchange Program Management and Organization Expansion. Out of these departments, AIESEC promotes leadership skills, globalization and culture exchange through internship programs offered globally. AIESEC UPD continues to organize events in and out of campus to inspire the country’s young and emerging generation. 




Global Village 2014: Unifying Cultures through One Passion

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