Here’s a Glimpse of the Anticipated Giant Public Art Installation ‘The Victor’ in PH

Bridgetowne, Robinsons Land’s premier destination estate, embraces the power of public art to shape the cityscape and embarks on a visionary journey. The emerging estate will soon unveil its masterpiece, “The Victor,” the first of many planned public art installations, serving as a catalyst for the transformation of Bridgetowne into a thriving art hub, adding to the city’s allure and creating a welcoming public space for residents and visitors alike.


“The Victor” is a breathtaking art installation that defies expectations and captures the indomitable spirit of the Filipino people. Rising proudly on the eastern portion of the sprawling 32-hectare Bridgetowne Destination Estate, this awe-inspiring structure pays homage to the resilience and unwavering determination that resides within every Filipino.

The Victor

Photo: Bridgetowne

In collaboration with renowned Fil-Am artist Jefrё Manuel-Figueras, Bridgetowne created a towering masterpiece that is one of the world’s tallest art installations with lighting projection. Weighing a hefty 330 tons (660,000 lbs) and standing at a staggering height of 60 meters or 20 storeys (55 meters for the statue itself and an additional 5 meters for the podium it rests upon), “The Victor” commands attention. In fact, it surpasses the height of the iconic Statue of Liberty, which measures only 46 meters from heel to torch. With its intricate design and perforated stainless steel construction, this monumental artwork will undoubtedly become a must-see attraction for both foreign tourists and locals alike.

“It’s destined to be the star of countless social media posts, an icon that captures the beating heart of the city, very much like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe of Paris, Big Ben with London, and the Colosseum with Rome,” says Mybelle V. Aragon-GoBio, RLC’s senior vice president and general manager for Robinsons Destination Estates.

The Victor at night

Photo: Bridgetowne

Inspired by the remarkable success story of Mr. John Gokongwei, Jr., “The Victor” embodies the spirit of triumph and serves as a beacon of inspiration. From humble beginnings, Mr. Gokongwei, Jr. emerged as an iconic and transformative figure in the industry, overcoming adversities, achieving unparalleled success, making an enduring impact on his country. The masterpiece serves as a testament to his journey of resilience, bridging connections, and igniting the unwavering Filipino winning spirit. It stands to honor his legacy, inspiring all who encounter it to carve their own paths to greatness and make a meaningful difference in the world.

“The Victor” embodies the essence of Filipino artistry, creativity, and innovation, seamlessly blending art, architecture, and engineering into a harmonious fusion. Its all-conquering pose, with a raised fist thrust in the air, is meant to inspire visitors. It pays tribute to Global Filipinos who have achieved greatness and influence both within and beyond their homeland. These individuals, whether they are legends, emerging talents, or everyday heroes, embody the fearless pursuit of challenging the status quo, trailblazing new paths, and igniting the Filipino winning spirit.


Bridgetowne, once the old site of a production plant and textile manufacturing hub, was transformed from an industrial space into a livable and emerging hub of community, creativity, and commerce. Recognizing that art has the extraordinary ability to breathe new life into cities, revitalizing public spaces and fostering a sense of community, Robinsons Land invested in the integration of unique public art installations in its open spaces and opened doors to collaborate with Filipino artists.

“We work with local artists to manifest our vision of an urban landscape that empowers individuals to live, work, play, and find inspiration. Art breathes life into cities, infusing them with culture, soul, and emotion. Just as with ‘The Victor,’ our aim is to inspire and unite people, spark their imagination, and leave a lasting impression on those who see and experience it,” said Aragon-GoBio.

According to Aragon-GoBio, this also makes their role as real estate developers more fulfilling. While real estate development traditionally focuses on constructing buildings and infrastructure, integrating public art into developments adds an extra dimension of social and cultural enrichment in the spaces they create, spaces that resonate with people on a deeper level, making their work more meaningful. 


Visiting Bridgetowne to see “The Victor” offers the opportunity to appreciate another work of art that gives the destination estate its name. Designed by the late National Artist Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa, a visually stunning bridge spans 110 meters, connects the 9-hectare Quezon City side (Bridgetowne West) of the development with the 23-hectare Pasig City side (Bridgetowne East). With the passing of his father, Architect Gelo Mañosa, representing the family’s architectural firm Mañosa & Co., completed the project.

FIFA the victor

Photo: Bridgetowne

Inspired by the ribbon depicted in the Bridgetowne logo, the bridge serves as a powerful symbol of triumph at the finish line, embodying the spirit of achievement. Its design draws inspiration from the elegant curvature of the ribbon, capturing the essence of reaching milestones and accomplishing goals. The bridge stands as a visual representation of the determination and success that Bridgetowne fosters.

Passing over the Marikina River, the bridge has an expansive width of 25 meters, featuring four lanes dedicated to vehicles with dedicated lanes for pedestrians and bikers. Serving as a vital component of Bridgetowne’s infrastructure, the bridge seamlessly connects both vehicles and pedestrians significantly reducing travel time from one point of Metro Manila to another.


Bridgetowne is a destination estate offering a multitude of life-enhancing amenities. The Opus Mall, an upscale 5-level shopping, dining, and recreation destination, is slated to open this year. The forthcoming Fili Hotel, by Robinsons Hotels and Resorts, the country’s first homegrown Filipino 5-star hotel, will have 300 well-appointed rooms providing guests with luxurious accommodations and signature Filipino hospitality and craftsmanship.

Opus Mall

Photo: Bridgetowne

The estate features sustainable architecture through its line-up of premium-grade office buildings in Bridgetowne West, such as the Exxa-Zeta, Tera, and Giga Towers, distinguished by their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications; while the highly anticipated GBF Towers 1 and 2 are poised to achieve LEED Gold certification upon completion. These buildings prioritize energy efficiency, green practices, and a conducive work environment, attracting multinational and local companies.

Nestled within Bridgetowne East, a thriving neighborhood is soon to rise with its line-up of upscale residential towers that is poised to become the most coveted addresses in the city. Among them are luxury residences such as the Velaris (a joint venture with Hongkong Land), Haraya (a collaboration with Shang Properties), Le Pont, and the premium Cirrus by RLC Residences, offering residents a seamless blend of luxury and refined living.

Also housed in Bridgetowne is Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan, the ultimate venue destination known for its modern and sleek design. As the premier choice for grand celebrations, corporate events, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and product launches, it offers impressive facilities and impeccable service, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences.


Photo: Bridgetowne

Recreational open spaces that promote wellness are also a highlight of the estate. The 6,000-square-meter Bridgetowne Obstacle Park, the world’s largest outdoor obstacle park, provides an exciting venue for outdoor activities. The upcoming Bridgetowne Football Pitch, meeting FIFA’s stringent standards, will be the country’s premier football field. An adjacent premium sports bar and lounge will serve as a hub for sports and entertainment, complemented by additional sports facilities and recreational amenities.

With its premium residential developments, sustainable office buildings, upscale retail and dining options, 5-star hospitality, and recreational open spaces, Bridgetowne embodies the live-work- play-inspire lifestyle. It creates a vibrant and enriching urban experience for individuals seeking a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle.

Bridgetowne Destination Estate has been awarded Best Township Development and Best Township Masterplan Design at the prestigious PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards 2022. This recognition solidifies Bridgetowne’s position as a benchmark for excellence in integrated developments, setting the standard for future developments in the country.

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