Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of History’s Hit Series Ancient Aliens Returns to Ignite History Con 2018, Manila’s Biggest Entertainment Convention This August!

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The star-studded entertainment convention will take place at the World Trade Center Manila from 10th to 12th August 2018. More international and local stars to be announced.

Early bird tickets available for sale now exclusively on SM Tickets.

 A+E Networks Asia announced today the launch of HISTORY CON 2018, which will be held at the World Trade Center Manila from 10th to 12th August 2018. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, leading contributor and Co-Executive producer of HISTORY’s hit series Ancient Aliens hit series will headline this year’s star-studded entertainment convention. More international and local celebrities to be announced. Early- bird tickets are out for sale now exclusively on SM Tickets.

As part of HISTORY CON 2018, the mega-convention will also include an exclusive special talk, a HISTORY Asia ‘LIVE’ Session themed “Mysteries of the Past with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos” to be conducted with limited slots available. HISTORY fans are invited to explore the unexplained with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and examine some of the world’s greatest mysteries about extraterrestrial existence throughout history. This special talk will bring together truth-seekers and HISTORY fans on the discussion, debate, and exploration up-close with the leading expert himself. Eligible ticket purchasers of HISTORY CON 2018 may request a slot to the “Mysteries of the Past with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos” ‘LIVE’ session with every purchase of the HISTORY Maker Pass (PHP 2,500) or HISTORY Maker VIP Pass (PHP 10,000). More details on HISTORY CON 2018 tickets at www.historyasia.com/historycon.

HISTORY CON, the world-class entertainment convention is now in its third-year installment in Manila, which saw a record-breaking attendance of 68,800 people in 2017 and 50,000 people in 2016. Since the overwhelming response of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos’ first exclusive appearance at HISTORY CON in 2016, HISTORY fans have continually been extending the invitation for his return to the Philippines.

“I am incredibly excited to be returning to Manila for HISTORY CON 2018,” said Tsoukalos. “The Philippines is home to some of the Ancient Aliens’ most passionate fans, and I look forward to delving into some of the most enduring questions surrounding Ancient Astronaut Theory and engaging in the age-old debate: did extra-terrestrial beings really help shape human history?”


HISTORY CON 2018 tickets are available in three different categories with exclusive privileges for the HISTORY MAKER VIP pass at PHP 10,000, limited to 100 tickets for sale only. Other ticketing categories include the HISTORY MAKER pass at PHP 2,500 for a three-day admission and GENERAL ADMISSION pass at PHP 350 for a one-day access to the mega-entertainment convention. Tickets are available for sale exclusively on SM Tickets.

HISTORY ASIA ‘LIVE’ SESSION “MYSTERIES OF THE PAST WITH GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS Every purchase of the HISTORY MAKER VIP pass or HISTORY Maker Pass allows the ticket purchaser to request a slot to attend the HISTORY Asia ‘LIVE’ Session, “Mysteries of the Past with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos”. More details on HISTORY CON 2018 website. Terms and conditions apply.

Visit www.historyasia.com/historycon for more information.

Ancient Aliens explores the theory that extra-terrestrials have been visiting the Earth for millions of years. The series is produced by Prometheus Entertainment.