Gionee And Ellen Adarna Want You To Live Sexy With The World’s Slimmest Smartphone

Gionee And Ellen Adarna Want You To Live Sexy With The World’s Slimmest Smartphone


Just last week, I wrote about how the Philippine mobile market is one of the most crowded ones in the world, so when an invite from Gionee arrived to witness the official launch of their latest device; I knew it would have to take something rather special for it to stand out from the Mobile crowd. Did they manage to create something worthy of your attention? Read on to find out!




Selling Smartphones in the Philippines must be a tough job. Competition is fierce and consumers can be choosy as to who they spend their hard earned Pesos with. So I imagine when international mobile brand Gionee sat down to design their latest flagship phone, they thought long and hard on how to create something special that could catch the attention of consumers, and it’s fair to say they succeeded.

Meet the Gionee ELIFE S5.5, which at just 5.5mm in thickness is currently holding the title of World’s Slimmest Smartphone. It’s hard to appreciate how slim this phone really is until you hold it in your hand, an experience that also lets you feel the build quality of the device. Gionee not only set out to create the slimmest Smartphone currently in existence, but they did so while using quality materials that give the phone a premium feel. The press kit faithfully informs us that the ELIFE S5.5 is the first Smartphone to be made of 98 percent metal and glass, and that the glass in question is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance, which is stronger and more resistant to scratches than previous generations of this now widely used material by New York based Corning.


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Gionee signed up Ellen Adarna as their Philippines brand ambassador and now invites you to “Live Sexy” with the ELIFE S5.5, but even the sexiest phone must be able to take a knock or two when you use it in real life, so freshly unveiled brand ambassador Ellen promptly proceeded to put the build quality of the phone to the test by deliberately dropping it numerous times while on stage.

The sound of the glass and metal device hitting the floor made presenter Giselle Sanchez and most of the audience gasp audibly, but Ellen Adarna and all of the members of the Gionee management team present on the night didn’t flinch once, knowing that the build quality is obviously good enough to pull off such a stunt in front of the media’s cameras. Fair to say the ELIFE S5.5 is slim and tough then, but is it also powerful enough for your everyday Smartphone needs?


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Ellen Adarna for Gionee


By presumably using some type of advanced engineering witchcraft, Gionee has managed to fit an Octa-core chipset clocked at 1.7GHz into the extremely thin shell, together with a 13 megapixel rear camera and a front camera that will delight selfie lovers with an impressive 5 megapixel sensor and a 95 degree ultra wide angle lens. To make sure you look your best before instagramming yourself to the world, the S5.5 also comes with an image and video editor so you can process your multimedia adventures on the go.


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All this slim and powerful sexiness comes at a price, which in the case of the ELIFE S5.5 is PHP 21,999. While not low priced by any means, it is still quite an attractive price for an octa-core phone that, at least on first glance, appears to be well made and powerful enough to take on the competition. Once we get a chance to review it more closely we will be able to tell you more about this latest smartphone contender, but if you fancy buying one right away then the S5.5 is in stores now and available in black, white, blue, pink and purple.



Gionee And Ellen Adarna Want You To Live Sexy With The World’s Slimmest Smartphone