8 Purr-fect Gifts to Give to the Pet Parents and Fishkeepers in Your Life

The Holiday season is here which means it’s time to save up and plan what gifts to give to our loved ones. If you’ve got a pet parent or aquarium lover in your life, here are a bunch of cool, cute, and awesome stuff to spoil them and their pets with that we’ve found on Shopee. Take a look!

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8. 2-in-1 Bath Massage Brush

2 in 1 shampoo massage brush

This 2-in-1 bath tool is a must-have to help wash your pets while also massaging their bodies to improve blood circulation. With its soft silicone bristles, you’ll be able to remove frizz, dirt, and loose hair without causing your buddy any discomfort. Just pour shower gel into the container with a little bit of water. Best used for small- and medium-sized pets or those with short hair!

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7. Aquarium Filter

aquarium filter

This submersible pump is made with German Technology and is energy-saving, durable, and noise-reducing. It’s perfect for fresh and seawater use!

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6. Pet Hair Remover

pet hair remover

Are all your surfaces filled with fur? This pet hair remover will do the trick! Its roller shape and lightweight design make it easy to operate and bring around the house. Plus, it’s super easy to clean too!

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5. Organic Shampoo

madre de cacao shampoo

When choosing what shampoo to use for your furry friends, going organic is most ideal. This particular one by Madre De Cacao comes in a gallon and a pleasant and addicting raspberry scent, effectively removing foul odors and repelling insects! It’s also paraben-free and safe for all breeds!

BUY it here.

4. Infinity Turtle Food

turtle sticks

Of course, we can’t forget our scaly friends on this list! Infinity Turtle Food is specially formulated food for turtle, reptiles, and other amphibians. It is rich in protein and vitamins to fulfill the nutritional requirements and provide immunity against diseases. The sticks are also stapled and non-water contaminating to suit the natural habitat of water.

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3. Infinity Red Bits for Fish

redbits fish food

Want to keep your fish looking healthy and vibrant? These Infinity Redbits contain Astaxanthin, which helps promote pinkish-red coloration of reef fish and bring out its natural beauty. It is also Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to boost health and vitality for your aqua-buddies.

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2. Fish Oil Supplements for Cats and Dogs

fish oil for pets

Fish Oil is one of the best supplements to add to your pet’s diet. It can support their heart health, promote a shiny and healthy coat, reduce itchy and flaky skin, relieve allergies and joint pain, boost their immune system, and even slow the growth of cancer. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives and are gluten-free.

BUY it here.

1. Salmon Dental Chews for Dogs

dental chews salmon

Your canine companions can suffer from gum disease which can lead to a loss in appetite and broken or lost teeth and can even damage other organs if left untreated. Prevent this by giving them dog dental treats to help them chew actively, lessening plaque buildup while also reducing bad breath. This particular brand, Ocean Diner, also has vitamin c for that much-needed immunity boost, Cranberry extract to improve eyesight and remove tear-stains, and is also grain-free and hypoallergenic!

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