Getting High on Music at Rakrakan Festival, The Biggest OPM Festival in PH


On January 14, 2017, this year’s biggest and loudest purely OPM music festival in the Philippines happened in the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. With 100 bands in total and 5 different stages, fans were able to rak the night away. This year’s theme was about fighting drug addiction. Some bands said that they want to show people that being high on music is better than being high on any kind of drugs.

shae 5SUD

Fans can to jump from stage to stage whenever they want, so they can choose who they want to watch at any time. However, we had one small problem. The line-up was so good, we didn’t know which stage to go to. We wanted to watch all of them!

shae 4Jensen & the Flips

This year’s festival had two additional stages compared to last year’s three. And a total of 75 bands. People definitely had more to choose from and bigger artists to watch. It was even fun watching people run from stage to stage as they try to catch the band they wanted to see perform.

shae 3Autotelic

The Indie stage held the performances of Jensen & the Flips, SUD, Autotelic, Fairlight, Oh, Flamingo!, Tom’s Story, and Miles Experience, to name a few. Move Stage had Charice, Mayonnaise, Spongecola, Moonstar 88, Tanya Markova, and many more. Fans also danced to the beat of bands such as Brownman Revival, Superkendi, and a whole lot of acts.

shae 2Oh, Flamingo!

The louder, more rakrakan stages, which are Mosh and Slam were also spot on. The crowd roared every time someone comes onstage. The crowd had so much fun that even strangers got to hang out with people they don’t know while rocking out to bands they love.

Kudos to Rakista Radio for the grandest Rakrakan Festival to date. Here’s to hoping that we get to witness another Rakrakan next year!