Get Your Own Stylist and Customize Your Outfits With Calli Collective

Slip in and stand out! Calli Collective, a Manila-based clothing company that takes pride in curating bright and breezy apparel for the Sunny Filipina, has recently shared that we can now communicate with their in-house stylists for customization services so we can get that perfect clothing fit!

They have been working with a group of Nanay Seamstresses from Pasig City to specially and carefully sew all clothing pieces that go up for sale. “We wanted to help our local sewers and champion Filipino craftsmanship. Their extraordinary skills and talent play a huge role in the creation of our unique and well-crafted products,” shares Erika Chan, co-founder of Calli Collective.

Getting all dolled up and ready for the day is already a common struggle for many of us looking to walk around looking effortlessly pretty. Getting the right size, however, is where we encounter the tougher part of dressing up. Calli Collective understands this problem, recognizing the fact that women’s bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

With the skill and craftsmanship provided by the Pasig Nanay Seamstresses, Calli Collective can now bring the dress of your dreams to life.

The biggest of wins come when we see women supporting other women, so allow Calli Collective to spare you the struggle of finding your killer fits!

How to Customize Your Outfit with Calli Collective

1. Send a message to Calli Collective’s Instagram,
2. A personal stylist will guide you through the measurements and styles that would best fit you.
3. Choose the Calli Collective outfit of your choice.
4. Check out with your purchase. Feel free to ask for assistance from your stylist.
5. Expect your tailored-fit dress on your doorstep within 7 to 10 days.

Yup! That fast, that easy! To make it even better, you can enjoy free shipping for every purchase worth Php3,000!

Calli Collective Holiday Pieces

PHOTO Calli Collective 2

Photo from Calli Collective

Nature-themed colorways: the Perla Set in Santal, the Bela Dress in Pacific, and the Amara Set in Olive

PHOTO Calli Collective 3

Photo from Calli Collective

The English Tea Themed colorways: the Perla Set in Puff, the Bela Dress in Honey, and the Amara Set in Taro

Support our local craftsmanship as you order clothing pieces carefully curated by our Pasig Nanay Seamstresses. Hooray for Calli Collective for providing sustainable solutions to standing out!

Calli Collective



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