Get ready to be loaded with cuteness with a preview of Disney Pixar’s short, “Bao”!

Who’s ready to watch an animated short before an upcoming Disney Pixar film starts rolling?!

Get ready to get loaded with Chinese cuteness as “Bao” will be shown before The Incredibles II.

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In the 30 second preview, we see a woman who discovers a crying baby dumpling and is charmed when it starts to giggle.

According to BBC, the short is made by Chinese-Canadian director Domee Shi. It has also been reported that Shi is the first female director of an animated short. She initially worked as a story artist in 2015 Disney Pixar film, “Inside Out”.

The Washington Post reports that “Bao” will be an “eight-minute short” about an “empty-nesting Chinese mom”.

Fast forward to June, please?!

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