Get Polished! : Prepare to be Pampered!

When in Manila, do make sure that you try out the superb Get Polished! manicure and pedicure experience! Said to be a nail spa salon that offers its own signature selection of spa services, it continues to build on its philosophy that excellent service and quality products need to to be extravagantly expensive. 


Of course, we all know that there are a lot of nail salons sprawled all over the metro; and going by the number of these establishments, it could clearly drown and confuse you.  So what sets Get Polished! apart, deeming them worthy of your time, money, and effort? Well simply put, it’s on how they (1) place such utmost importance to hygiene, and on how they (2) offer meticulous service that’s fast yet safe!


With over four branches as of this date, we got the chance to visit their Quezon City branch at Timog. The place was small but quaint and the walls were colored in a cool lavender color; and along with it are hung pictures, giving off the feeling that you are in a countryside of France.  (According to the owner, their biggest and most spacious branch is located at Paranaque.)



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To start the pampering session, the service that I got was the GP Moisture Package (Spa Mani [P375] and Spa Pedi [P470]). This started with a luxurious soak in warm water, or as we’d usually refer to: a foot spa



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This was followed by an aromatic salt scrub wherein I was free to choose what scent I would like them to use: for this one, I picked the cucumber and aloe vera scent mixture which was such a joy to smell! Sweet and light! 



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Now the reason why I picked GP Moisture is because of its distinct deep hydrating treatment; my legs tend to be a tad too dry so I thought this would be the perfect treatment!


What basically happens is that first, they would spread shea butter solution on my legs and hands, and then they would use specialized heated mittens and booties to start the moisturisation of my skin. 



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To cap the package off, the final inclusion after a relaxing leg massage was of course, the mani and pedi polish in which I was free to choose the nail polish that I wanted. It’s important to note at this point that Get Polished! has a wide range of colors and brands to choose from! For instance, they have popular polish names such as Color Club, Zoya and Orly among others!


For my nails, I decided to opt for a fun combination, specifically on their Orly matte nail polish.



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Meanwhile, for Joanne, she opted to go for the Totally Polished Package (Spa Mani [P450] and Spa Pedi [P525]). Much like mine,  it started with a foot spa and scrub. 



What we’d like to highlight in this part is on the proof of how they really value hygiene. When removing calluses and hardened skin, their foot rasps’ scrubber was always new; for every customer, they have ready-made adhesive scrubber that could easily be stuck on their foot rasps. 



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After a scrub, certainly the skin needs moisturisation too so certain products were applied to help bring back the natural oils of the skin.



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Still the same as mine, Joanne had her legs and hands exfoliated by using an aromatic salt scrub: for herself, Joanne picked the peach and ginseng scent.  Hands, arms, and legs massages were in order right after this portion.



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The special thing about Joanne’s Totally Pampered package is the therapeutic paraffin treatment that goes along with it. Paraffin is a waxy crystalline-like substance in which its heating properties and temperature does not only rehydrate the skin but it also helps improve the joints, relieve muscle pain, improve blood circulation and more.


Basically, in salons, the treatment involves dipping the hand or foot in melted paraffin a few times in which thereafter, it would harden and create a shell around the skin. To better amplify the effect, Get Polished! wraps mittens and booties on the hands and feet to keep more of the heat in.



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 After several minutes, the hardened paraffin would be peeled and washed off, leaving the skin therapeutically moisturized!  


So after that part, the usual mani and pedi polish spree commenced for Joanne. It was indeed very satisfying to see their staff do the services in such a meticulous way which is definitely worth commending for! Nonetheless, to quickly dry the nail coatings, Get Polished! also has a quick-drying machine for both your manicure and pedicure so that bustling and busy-bee chikas could swiftly have their needed nail service in just a small amount of time.



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Meanwhile, for our male companion, Mark Davis, he availed of the usual hand and foot spa, as well as an inclusion of buffing: a simple way of making the nails look healthier and shinier or what we’d typically call as “sheen“. 



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If you’re looking into having those popular Gel Polish, worry not because Get Polished! offers that too!  For those who don’t know, gel polishes are a new innovation that could last for up to 2 weeks on your nails without chipping! With it’s gel-like nature, as your nails grow, it adjusts itself to still wholly surround the surface.  What’s more is that it easily dries up and stays gorgeous and shiny all the time! Just be mindful that removing a gel polish could not be done by using mere acetone or nail polish removal alone; there’s a special formulation that could only put it all away, which means that you would have to go back to the salon.



In Get Polished! there are a wide variety of colors that you could choose from in their Eco Gel Polish range.



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Meanwhile, make sure to ask for their loyalty cards to avail of free services when you hit a certain mark or number of visits! (To note, they also offer other services such as waxing, eyelash extensions, and more.)



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Overall, whenever you encounter the need for a full-on nail pampering without hurting your wallet, then most definitely, Get Polished! should be your top-of-mind place to be.


Fast, affordable, hygienic, meticulous, relaxing, and safe: clearly, those are qualities of a nail salon that every modern person should look for. And as you have read above, you bet that Get Polished! has those attributes and more.


So When in Manila and looking on treating yourself, head directly to one of their branches! Enjoy!




Get Polished!

38 AC Building Mezzanine
Sct. Ybardolaza St. Timog, Quezon City
10AM to 9PM Daily
Tel. No. +63 2 4092235
Cellphone No. +63 9175779494
Facebook Page: [click]
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When In Manila photos  by  JoTan23, and write-up by‘I am Aileen’.





Get Polished! : Prepare to be Pampered!