Sky Fitness Manila: Personal Fitness Training Programs Using Science to get you in Shape

Sky Fitness Manila

When In Manila, live the quality life by keeping fit!

Sky Fitness Manila is just here to assist you on that. I’m a health and fitness buff and by years and years of conditioning for my different sports, I do reap the benefits pretty well.

Sky Fitness Manila

It’s true indeed that exercise and a healthy diet improves your quality of life. Barely do I get sick and I get stamina and strength to do my daily chores. You too can go way beyond your capabilities. I am surprised myself on how strong I have become, what I thought was impossible – I have achieved. And with that, my confidence with myself blossomed and affected not only my physical stature but also my emotional health. Trust me, it wasn’t an easy journey but the trip to a healthy life is all worth it.

Sky Fitness Manila

Different gyms work for different people but Sky Fitness Manila’s approach is a little bit more personal, customizable to your training needs and most interesting of all – SCIENTIFIC! They had this machine that measures your BMI, weight, height, fat and muscle percentage, leanness and where the fat is concentrated on your body.

Sky Fitness Manila



Releasing myofascial (muscle) knots is the best warm-up.


You will be more effective with your training when you release those “lamig lamig” or muscle knots.


I wasn’t able to take a picture of my paper but it showed my heaviest around my hips… yep that’s right! The first time you step into the Sky Fitness Gym, a trainer will assess your posture, take you to the machine for initial testing, find your weakness and from there design a training routine specifically customized to achieve your personal goal.

Coach Aldy of Sky Fitness Manila



The coach assigned to me was coach Aldy. I didn’t say anything about where I felt weak but he identified it somehow during the tests. “Your inner thighs are strong, the back of your thighs and glutes and the hips area are weak.” I was like – whoah ESP much? But truth be told, it was years of Aldy’s experience with fitness training and his expertise in personal training. One of coach Aldy’s expertise is sports conditioning. I told them that I wanted to condition myself for my pole dancing. Get to know the other Sky Fitness trainers here –

Who would’ve thought that this resistant garter will work to shape my glutes!




And so, my first training session with Aldy was very effective. Remember how he said to target my gluteus? They designed more exercised to activate that sleeping muscle behind my thighs and true enough – the next day, I could feel that good kind of pain by my back thighs! It was awesome! It was working. I hardly use that area for pole so I know it’s never been trained enough. And I have such huge thighs. Good job!

They have different programs to conquer your weaknesses and convert them to strengths! They also have specific programs for Sports Conditioning. I think I will never get bored working out in this gym. There is just so much things you can do to target your goal areas. I read in many books that the more creative you are with exercising with the things around you, the better. Here in Sky Fitness Manila, apart from the big machines they use rubbers, kettle bells, giant ropes, TIRES! and many more unique things I haven’t seen in other gyms (yet).

I asked them about the price of being enrolled in the gym and they told me that it varies with the program designed for you.  General Manager Raymond Gorospe was kind enough to take me around the gym and explain Sky Fitness’ training system.  He encourages people to try Sky Fitness.  

There are FREE trials, all you have to do is call and schedule.

When In Manila, try it and experience the Sky Fitness change for yourself!  For me, it definitely is an effective workout!



Sky Fitness Manila

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One satisfied trainee of Sky Fitness Manila 😛


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Sky Fitness Manila: Personal Fitness Training Programs



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