Werdenberg Int’l. Corp Holds Intimate Wine Tasting Event Featuring the DGB Group Of South Africa


When in Manila, a form of art cannot be dealt with as an “option” and so is wine tasting. For wine makers, every bottle is a masterpiece. However, for an aspiring writer with focus on new world wines, wine tasting may also be viewed as to how one perceives poetry: Speaks beyond the obvious, but reveals only what is spoken of.

Unless you want to go deeper, then come with me… Together, let us explore the new wines as Werdenberg International Corp. gives you The DGB (Douglas Green Bellingham) Group of South Africa!

Greg Guy (right), Head of DGB International Division with WIM's Mark Davis Tan.

GREG GUY (right), Head of DGB Pty. Ltd. International Division with WIM’s, Mark Davis Tan.


NICK SONDERUP (right), Regional Director of DGB Far East and Asia

NICK SONDERUP (right), Regional Director of DGB Far East and Asia


You enter a function room, located at the second level of Carpaccio Ristorante, elegantly designed for the occasion. With one sweeping glance, you see familiar and unfamiliar faces about every stand-up cocktail table.

WIM's Mark Davis Tan and Joanne Catherine Tan

WIM’s Mark Davis Tan and Joanne Catherine Tan

Now, the wines: Lined up according to their brands:  Boschendal, The Beachhouse, Ribshack Red and Brampton.

After giving each table a quick look, do you go for a bottle that’s nearest to your reach or wait until an expert offers you a glass that should suit your taste?

Either way is to your advantage. Accept the glass. Swirl it carefully. Exhale, then put your nose a little above the aperture. Smell the wine and, take a sip or two.


Carpaccio Ristorante function room

Carpaccio Ristorante function room



Feeling all good and warm, deluded by the apparent heat wave, you become excited to go for a new glass…  A glass of  THE BEACHHOUSE. This wine allows you to see dynamic images of blue skies, warm sun and soft breeze while you revel in subdued aromas of citrus and floral (honeysuckle) notes that gains more expression after a few minutes in the glass. Tasting the wine reveals sweet and fruity bubbles featuring lots of lemon/lime, honey, pear and apple with zesty highlights. The Beachhouse is at its very best in the freshness of youth or with a year or two of vintage.

THE BEACHHOUSE SPARKLING Sauvignon Blanc (80%) and Semillon (20%) Php 490.00 (75cl)

Chenin Blanc (80%) and Gewürztraminer (20%)
Php 490.00 (75cl)




food-pairing suggestion for The Beachhouse

food-pairing suggestion for The Beachhouse


Getting a little intimate, you thirst for something red. And,  RIBSHACK RED happens to be two steps away just waiting for a tasting pour enough to satisfy a curious wine palate. A fairly plush signature wine by Douglas Green, it is a fine blend of Pinotage (a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault a.k.a, Hermitage for many years) and Shiraz with a touch of wood. The first nip swallowed, you begin to think:  Strawberries & cream. Bonnie & Clyde. Fish & Chips. Mills & Boon.  Some things were just meant to be together.  Liver & Onions. Laurel & Hardie. Ribs & Rib Shack Red. A match just meant to be, no need to try harder!

Rib Shack Red 2011 (Pinotage and Shiraz) Php 517 (75 cl)

Rib Shack Red 2011
(Pinotage and Shiraz)
Php 517.00 (75cl)



food-pairing suggestion for Rib Shack Red

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