Gen Korean BBQ House: A House of Food You’ll Want to Live In


Korean BBQ may just be my favorite Korean trend yet. The grill, the samgyubsal, and even the Korean BBQ smell that sticks on you and lingers for the rest of the day – these are just some of the things I love about eating at a K-BBQ grill. What I don’t like is the usual 20- to 30-minute wait just to get to the head of the waiting line at most Korean BBQ restos. I get it: it’s a big trend and it just shows how good the food is, but by the time we get seated I’m just plain hangry and irritated!

This is why the 500-seater Gen K Korean BBQ House is god-sent. No long wait, good staff, wide space? Yes, please! You can find the huge Gen K branch, which is also the first one outside of the US, right at SM MOA by the Bay. Unlike most restos also situated at SM MOA by the Bay, they’re open and serving from 10AM – 2AM on weekends and 10AM – 12AM on weekdays.




Gen K follows an unlimited order setting where you can choose from over 20 choices of Korean BBQ for the lunch menu, and over 30 choices for the dinner menu.

Take note of their all-day dinner menu on weekends! They have a set ideal for two hours of eating, but trust us: that is more than enough time to fill everyone’s belly with samgyubsal and their wide selection of soju.




Some of their chef-recommended BBQ include the Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Honey Chicken, Woo Beasal, Cajun Shrimp, and their variety of samgyubsal.

Important tip: don’t forget to try the Gen K Premium Steak; it is so good! If we could’ve eaten more, we would’ve kept on ordering the steak again and again and again.


The side dishes are all refillable, by the way. They have potato salad, kimchi, pickled onions, spicy radish, and so much more to choose from. You can really see how good the quality of the restaurant is when their sauces and salt themselves are worth talking about!  Try dipping your samgyubsal in their green tea salt – it will change your K-BBQ experience.


Here’s the Teriyaki Pork Chop, another piece of steak, and all the other good stuff we had. It was hard to imagine that we only ordered a second round, but we could already feel how full we were by then. The food was so good that we only wanted to keep ordering more.



Gen Korean BBQ House may be from the US, but don’t discredit it just yet. Their wide selection of Korean specials are all of great quality that you should definitely try them all (tell us if you achieved that, you deserve an award!!).

Gen Korean BBQ House is one house everybody should visit, and one everybody will want to live in once they do! Come hungry because you’re sure to fill up every spare space you have in your tummy. Tag your friends, family, and basically everyone else you know because you’ll need them to try every dish on the menu and finish them all, too.

Gen Korean BBQ House

Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex

0945 123 8530

Weekends: 10AM – 2AM / Weekdays: 10AM – 12AM