Gary V Airs Disappointment on the Term “Philippine Time” to Describe Tardiness

Gary Valenciano couldn’t help but share his thoughts on how the term “Filipino time” has devolved into something used to describe a person who is running late for an important engagement.

According to Mr. Pure Energy, everyone should “still find a way to arrive on time” no matter what the circumstance, “even when traffic is bad.”

“Friends? I feel bad when the term ‘Philippine time’ is mentioned and is used on a person who simply doesn’t arrive on time. Sad ‘no (right)? Guys? Even when traffic is bad… we can still find a way to arrive on time. Kaya natin ‘to (we can do this),” he wrote in his tweet last January 22.


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His statement drew mixed reactions from followers, with some agreeing that honoring the specified time is a matter of respect while others stressed that the blame should also fall on the transportation system in the country.

“It’s not always the case, sir, especially for people who aren’t priv​i​leged enough to have a car. Being stuck in traffic is one thing, waiting for a ride is another,” one netizen shared.

“For me it’s always about respect. Respecting your time and theirs. If they don’t arrive on time w/o reason, they think their time is more valuable than yours, consciously or not. On the other hand, if you are late, you don’t respect yourself enough to be true to your word,” said another.

“I appreciate the optimism in this; however, if the condition of the public transportation system will not improve, the commuters will continue to struggle to arrive on time. Imagine waiting to get a ride for HOURS and travel from one city to another for HOURS, too,” another stressed.

“Arriving on time for an appointment or commitment boils down to discipline and yes, respect. Hindi lahat meron. Minsan mismong mga Boss ayaw galangin ang oras ng subordinates. Sad. Really sad,” shared another.

“While I understand that this is well-intentioned, this is simultaneously seemingly tone deaf to the public transport challenges regular commuters (the bulk of our country’s workforce) are facing. Easier said when one doesn’t have to spend long hours just to go to work or get home,” another said.

Gary V did not answer any of the replies to his tweet.

But what are your thoughts and opinions on what he said? Share them in the comments below.

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