Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Pedicure at the Wonder Fish Spa

If you haven’t heard, there’s something fishy going on in the luxury spa world. I seems that the usual practice of having one person working on you, giving you a body scrub, massage or other treatments, is now very old fashioned. Instead, how about hundreds working on you…. well…. hundreds of fish that is.


These healing fish, often called different things from “Wonder Fish” to “Doctor Fish” and even “FishyWishies” (or was that just FlairCandy?) are said to be very holistic and carry many benefits.

Wonder Fish are known for their healing effects and stimulate acupuncture points, which in turn increases blood flow. Improving circulation is beneficial for overall health and helps the body’s organs such as the heart and lungs function better.


Wonder Fish have been proven to help treat skin conditions for more than 400 years. Enjoy a spa treatment with a difference – perfect to relax and unwind, but great fun to share with friends. Pamper yourself in calm and tranquil surroundings with WonderFish, from Tao Hydrotherapy. This totally organic spa treatment is a great alternative to regular pedicures.

Try it out and have your feet gently exfoliated by the Wonder Fish and you’ll leave with soft, smooth, healthy feet. Great for spa parties, a birthday treat or if you just want to pamper yourself, this form of spa treatment has been used to cleanse the skin for over 400 years.

I swear, it’s the most ticklish thing ever for the first minute you put your foot in there. This of course can be clearly heard in the video as I immediately laugh like a little girl when the cleaning fish come over to greet my feet and callus.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about these Wonder Fish / Doctor Fish:

What type of fish are the WonderFish?

Garra Rufa is the species of fish which we call Wonderfish! because they are so wonderful! This is the type of fish you will find in our spa. They are a relative of the Carp family.

They are also known as Doctor Fish because they can be used to help cure skin disease. They can also be called Kangal Fish, Nibble Fish, Reddish Log Sucker and Little Dermatologists.


What does the Garra Rufa Fish pedicure do?

They are working fish and it is their natural behavior to suck at the hard, dry skin on your feet. They leave your feet feeling soft and exfoliated. Their sucking ability produces a tickling sensation, similar to a mini massage for your feet. The fish do not have any teeth so they will not bite and they only like to nibble on dead skin. Absolutely no pain is involved although you might find it quite ticklish for the first couple of minutes but that’s all part of the fun!


What are the benefits from Doctor Fish?

A Wonderfish! session will help to get rid of dead/hard/dry skin from your feet letting brand new healthy skin grow more quickly. It can improve blood circulation which also promotes healthy skin. It’s a totally natural and fun experience which will leave your feet feeling rejuvenated. The Wonderfish! also help you to relax and they make you smile and giggle which is always a great way to relieve stress and tensions!


Where do these Doctor Fish come from?

Garra Rufa were originally discovered in Turkey and can also be found in the Middle East. They particularly like to live in fresh water rivers and in hot spring water. They prefer temperatures of between 35 and 43 degrees celcius and a near neutral PH of around 7.3. They have been around for thousands and thousands of years and it is said that Cleopatra was a big fan.


How do you look after a session with the Dr Fish?

Wonderfish! Spa takes the health of our customers and our fish very seriously. Firstly, we insist that all customers have their feet checked and washed prior to entering the pools. Any customers with foot conditions or open wounds will not be permitted into the pools.
Our pools are purpose built with the highest quality filtration and cleansing systems to ensure a healthy environment for our fish and our customers.
There are no known cases of Garra Rufa fish passing on any germs or infections to humans


When In Manila…. I mean…. When In Hong Kong, go get your feet and hands taken care of by the true experts! Check out the wonder fish at the WonderFish Spa! These Dr Fish or Garra Rufa skin fish will surely treat you really well and give you that fish foot pedicure you deserve! Oh and don’t forget to dip your hands in the nibble fish spa too! It tickles at first but you’ll get used to it!

WonderFish Spa Hong Kong Contact Info:

Wonder Fish Spa email:–

Wonder Fish Spa telephone:– (852) 2849 2477 or 9743 1745

Wonder Fish Spa location: Shop No. 25, Level 2, The Peak Galleria Shopping Centre, 118 Peak Road, Hong Kong.

Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Pedicure at the Wonder Fish Spa

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