FYI, This is How Astronauts Wash Their Hair in Space — Watch

Yes, astronauts get dirty in space, too. And no, being space does not mean personal hygiene should remain on earth.

In this super cool video, courtesy of NASA Johnson, astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrates to the curious public how residents of the International Space Station wash their hair whilst in outer space. And it is so amazing.

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First off, of course, as there is no gravity in space, expect that hair would be floating above theirs head rather than falling gracefully to their shoulders as it does on earth. Water also comes out in bubble-like form from the packets astronauts use, and can bob away. Simply collect them back—just like Nyberg does in the video. They also use no-rinse shampoo, but as Nyberg says, well, she’d still rather rinse a little bit after. It really does look like a cool process (although a bit challenging, I’m sure), so continue on below to watch the demo from the astronaut herself!

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