FUNNY: Sinigang sa Miss You? Order Up From Twitter’s ‘Hugot Menu’

I honestly have no idea how this hugot trend started. I guess one day people just started pouring out their emotional sentiments and did it in the wittiest way possible.

Whatever the case was, it seems to be a long-running trend now. And people have been using the most creative and wittiest ways to share how they feel.

What better way to get your message across than with food, right?

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This is exactly what Twitter user @KRlSSl did when she started a hilarious thread on ‘hugot food’.

It all started with this Tweet:

sinigang sa miss you

Then she went on to add more hugot dishes to the ‘menu’.

twitter hugot4

nilagang baka mahalin mo rin ako

twitter hugot5

pinakbet na bet talaga kita,,,,,,,

twitter hugot2

embutido you love me?

twitter hugot3

ginataan-daan mo lang na nandito ako palagi para sau,,,

Other people joined in on the fun, too! People on Twitter started adding their own dishes to the menu!

twitter hugot 2

adobobo lang ang nagmamahal

bulalokohan lang pala ang hanap

nilasing na pinaamin

twitter hugot 3

i’ve been waiting for you call-dereta

Ini-how could you do this to me

The tweet that started it all has gotten more than 2,000 likes and 1,000 retweets! There are a lot more hugots on that thread, so make sure you check it out. Maybe you’ll find the dish perfect for your feelings.

I guess food can really be the way to a person’s heart–especially if they’re used like this.

What did you think of these ‘hugot dishes’? Can you think of your own ‘hugot dish’?

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