FUNNY: Guy Asks Popular Dictionary a Wise Question, Gets Blocked on Twitter

In another episode of what funny thing happened in the internet lately, a guy casually tweets to globally known publishing company Merriam Webster, who is especially known for dictionaries.

The guy, named Stephen on his Twitter account, starts off really cool: “Can you add me so I can DM you a suggestion?” Merriam Webster was a good sport, and does follow the lad, allowing Stephen to finally direct message the publisher his “suggestion.

” What happens next is where all the fun happens, so see for yourself. Check out what the ultimate suggestion was, and what the dictionary mogul did next.

Here is the series of screen caps from Stephen:


dictionary 1


dictionary 2


dictionary 3


dictionary 4

Based on Stephen’s thread on Twitter where Merriam Webster has replied, they claim that they have never blocked Stephen from their account, tweeting “Forgery! We’d never block anyone for asking questions about English. No matter how inane the question might be.

” They did post a screen capture of Stephen’s DM though, proving that the sent message did happen.

Ah, the internet. Such a wondrous place.

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