FUNNY: A Tutorial On How To Pronounce Filipino Brands

Men with accents can be super sexy. This is why when Ewan Heussaff posted a video tutorial on how to pronounce French words, the internet went crazy and girls from all over the country died with kilig as he taught basic foreign words.

Nico Bolzico, Erwan’s brother in law (and husband to the stunning Solenn Heussaf), decided to get in on the fun too. He recently posted a tutorial on how to pronounce Spanish words which Erwan decided to add subtitles to. (Watch HERE, that funny video is also worth a watch.)

Because of the ‘how to pronounce’ craze, one Pinoy guy, Manong Mario, decided that we were in dire need of a tutorial video on how to pronounce Filipino words. What resulted was sheer hilarity:


Source: Sindikato

Manong Mario demonstrated how famous Filipino brands should be pronounced – but not in a way that one would expect! Props to Manong Mario’s good humor!

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