FUNNY: 5 Ultimate Food Song Parodies to make you Laugh!

Let’s admit it: all Pinoys have this love for food and eating, myself included. Whether for traditional Pinoy or international cuisine, we adapt and see what makes the dish so yummy. For me though, the only thing that would be better than food, is if it’s served with a heaping helping of laughs on the side. With that, here are 5 Food Song Parodies that is sure to make you hungry and also make you laugh your belts off.

5 Funny Food Song Parodies

5. Up Down Dunk (Bruno Mars | Up Town Funk Parody) : Sorted Food

Donuts are awesome. Uptown Funk is awesome. When you combine the two though, MAN! This is the perfect song for you to go salivating and either make your own donuts, or go ahead and order some from JCo, Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. If you’re not sure what flavor to pick though, you can check out this list of top 10 donuts that Pinoys can’t get enough of.

Line that ate me up: (Scroll to 2:13) “Come on cook. And taste it. If ya sexy then try it. If ya freaky then make it. Don’t brag about it. Come show me…”

4. Share Your Food! (MAGIC! | Rude Parody) : Fung Bros

Because sharing is caring! And besides, it’s way more fun to have a Potluck with friends and family than going solo, yes? 😉

Line that ate me up: (Scroll to 2:54) “Sharing my food, yeah that’s the way I was raised. Family Style, yeah share it on different plates. It’ll make world peace, then save the human race…”

3. Boba Life (Owl City | Good Time Parody) : Fung Bros

Boba is another term for Tapioca, which here in the PH is referred to as Pearls in our milktea/fruit tea. This song is perfect for those who are loving milk tea or fruit tea with the big tapioca pearls. Or even just an awesome pearl shake from Zagu works. Because we’re ‘Living that Boba Life’. :3

Line that ate me up: (Scroll to 3:28) “You won’t get no STD’s, or unwanted pregnancies, when you drink that Boba Tea – So you better drink that boba tea! “

2. Big Eater (OMI | Cheerleader Parody) : Mikey Bustos

Syempre hindi magpapatalo ang pinoy! Here’s a video that showcases every boyfriend/husband’s cute problem: The story of their beautiful lady who can and want to eat everything. Why? Check it at the end to find out. 😉

Line that ate me up: (Scroll to 2:18) “Oh I’m happy my love is such a big eater, cause our baby eats too when I feed her…”

1. Hot Sign Bling by ‘FAT Drake’ ( Drake | Hotline Bling Parody) : All Def Digital

This one I dub the ULTIMATE song for foodies. It was so hilarious and on point that it took over the whole 9gag nation and youtube during the height of Drake’s song and weird dance move “Hotline Bling”. Warning: You’ll get hungry and crave fast food for some reason… I wonder why…

Line that ate me up:  The whole song is THAT good. All lines really had me rolling on the floor laughing. 😉


So, there you have it folks! The love of food and music combined, and this is what happens.
Comment down below which ones are your favorites, and if you have other food song parodies to share!