I Love Milk Tea: Love in A Cup

When in Manila, milk tea shops are a dime a dozen. In a stretch of road, you can see at least three stores and you’re spoilt for choice. When going out with friends, there’s always that argument about where you’re going to hang out given that everyone has a milk tea preference. You love cheese froth, your friend would rather indulge in a cupcake but your other friend would rather have regular milk tea. Decisions, decisions, but there’s a place that solves all of that. 

I Love Milk Tea is a small place, white and friendly when you walk in. As you and your friends take a seat, you’ll quickly realize that their menu has almost every flavor you know and love from all the other tea shops out there. Plus cupcakes. Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? 

As far as the flavors go, our instant recommendation goes to the Taro Milk Tea. It’s sweet enough to keep sipping but not so sweet that you get sick at the last sip. Pair that with a red velvet cupcake, it’s instant afternoon delight. The prices of the drinks aren’t bad at all, the largest cup has you shelling out a smaller amount of money that most places would charge. So when you and your friends can’t seem to decide where to go for a sweet drink and even sweeter cupcakes, when in Manila, make sure you drop by I Love Milk Tea. 

I Love Milk Tea has branches in Katipunan, Laguna, Caloocan and more. 



 Their Katipunan branch just opened!

 Our tea pick: the Rock Salt and Wintermelon

 Goodness in a cup! Rock Salt and Wintermelon and Taro Milk Tea

 The store has really cute cupcake displays, and you can’t not try one!

 Red Velvet: our favorite staple flavor!




I Love Milk Tea

Residencia De Regina Condominium, #94 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines

(02) 703-3762

I Love Milk Tea: Love in A Cup

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