FUNNY: 13 reactions to that viral Jackie Chan post

Jackie Chan peacefully passed by a store in Koreatown, NYC today at age 63.Beats:

Posted by Jose Nunez on Friday, December 15, 2017

It’s okay. I had to read it at least thrice, too.

If you felt your heart stop for a second, you’re definitely not alone. Netizens all over had to do double takes to make sure they were reading correctly. The post was complete with a black and white photo of our childhood hero. After calming their hearts, they took to social media to react to the very misleading post about our favorite kung-fu action hero.

Here are 13 reactions to the misleading Jackie Chan post:


Our kneejerk reaction conveyed plain and simple by a blackbear retweet.


Our friend here asking the real questions.


Punctuating their panic with a “lmao” in order to relay their relief. Same.


An angrier reaction. Valid, given how misleading it was. Also same.


A valid reaction to your crush, too.


Serving some outrage and a word of the day.


Finally, a user who cares if Jackie Chan was having a good shopping day or not.


While some netizens are still hung up on the wording of the post, this one’s righteous anger is with those cool things in that Korean store that went unnoticed.


Is it considered a conspiracy theory when it’s already probably true? Jackie Chan could probably roundhouse kick all of these rumors.


Another netizen hoping for the good day that Jackie Chan undoubtedly deserves. You go, Jackie Chan. Shopping at 63.


This user has a point. Did the original poster think that Jackie Chan had no manners? Of course, he does!


Not just half, his whole desk.


Confirmed. This user’s a super sleuth.

How did you react when you saw the post? Let us know!

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