FRYWORKS: Unli Rice PLUS Customize your Meal for only 115 Pesos

Words by Gemma Casimsiman

As a student with a student’s budget—wait, no—as a HUNGRY student with a student’s budget, it’s hard to find sulit meals that will keep us full. At the same time, the thought of spending on fast food seems like a bad idea–as proven by my now deteriorating health.

See also: April is officially declared as “Filipino Food Month”!

We won’t always have that home-cooked meal either. The luxury of having someone to cook for us or at least cook for ourselves without busting a can of sardines open won’t magically appear at your door.

Crispy Bacon Liempo – 115 PHP

And yet, along the streets of Amoranto lies the solution to this problem. Fryworks is any student’s savior. Their restaurant is quiet, simple, and has a relaxing atmosphere located in Quezon City. It’s the perfect place to bring out your homework while munching on a bowl of chips.

If you’re undeniably hungry, try their delicious rice platter. Though it may sound like any other lunch meal out there, there is a twist: you can customize your dish! Before I forget to mention, their restaurant is mainly Filipino cuisine. That’s why it tastes like home!

First: Choose your main dish with a variety of meat and seafood. Their bestseller? Beef Sirloin Tapa!

Image provided by Fryworks

Second: Carbs! And by that, I mean your rice. You can choose from plain, garlic, or java rice! Honestly, who would turn down garlic rice?

Third: Your sides. They have either homemade potato chips (it’s so crispy!) or atchara. You can also choose between buttered veggies or eggs with a bit of additional payment.

Lastly: Your sauce. They have gravy, homemade vinegar, sweet and spicy, and lechon sarsa! Of course, your sauce depends on your meal but who doesn’t love to mix n’ match?

To top it all off, they have an Unli Rice promo! From 2-5 pm, you can enjoy your meal with unli rice during your stay.

Image provided by Fryworks

You can’t miss out on their signature chills! You can choose from Hershey’s to Reese’s but one flavor you’ll surely enjoy is the Milo Dinosaur! One giant mug topped off with round bits of Milo can boost your day.

Signature Chills – 105 PHP

Fryworks isn’t as far as you think. So, don’t hesitate to drop by! Fryworks is food from home with a win-win situation from your wallet to your stomach.


451 Amoranto St., Maharlika
Quezon City, Philippines



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