Freshly Roasted Coffee From The Philippines by Café-te-ría !

Have you ever thought that, in a lot of ways, what we have in the Philippines are much more better than what others have in other parts of the world? Have you ever had that feeling of pride, that overwhelming sense of nationalism, be followed with a sigh and the words, “Hay. Sayang.”?

True right?

If only we can realize our true potential. Philippines can be a great nation if we Filipinos recognize that the best things are here (e.g. The people, the beaches, and the delicious coffee)

… Wait what?

YEP! The zuupper delicious coffee!


One of the things that’s being overlooked is our coffee produce. Aba! Masarap kaya ang kape natin dito sa Pinas! Did ya know kids, our country is one the few countries in the world where all the four coffee kinds (Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica) can be found? Cool, huh?

Luckily, a lot of of entrepreneurs are taking notice*! This includes the family owned business Café-te-ría.

*Check out this article about other local products! Made in the Philippines: 15 Homegrown Brands We Love


According to Miss Jamilah Dy, one of the people behind Café-te-ría, the concept and business started with an idea. They wanted to market local beans produced by our farmers right to the consumer’s doorstep. They realized that we have so much potential in our coffee, not only locally but also globally.

Personally, I thinks its a good step raise awareness about our local products. And another thing worth noting is that, not only help market the harvest, but it will also help the farmers earn and experiment with their current methods of modern day farming.


When Café-te-ría delivered their coffee to me, amoy palang nagising nako! Ang bango! No exaggerations. I feel warm and cozy, like a lazy Sunday morning. They sent ground coffee and freshly roasted beans. I got their Svegliame (100% Pure Arabica) to sample. I was told it was their best seller.

On the description, it says: “Kick start your day with this full city roast premium Arabica beans from Sagada. Coupled with an earthly aroma and a long bitter aftertaste like no other, this full bodied flavour will leave you asking for more”.


Yeah. I did ask for more and more and more. One evening, I tried it on my friend’s coffee dripper, then made another batch the morning after using my french press. I tried it hot, I tried it iced and cold. Yummy, both ways! Good morning talaga! 🙂

Café-te-ría offer other variants from Sagada like Love at First Cup, a medium roasted Arabica with dark chocolate aroma… Mi Amore, a medium-dark roasted Arabica blend… and Wake up Sunshine, a medium roasted Arabica with floral aroma and almond bittersweet aftertaste. They also have coffee from Kalinga Province like the The K-Blend, an Italian roasted coffee with strong and bold flavour.


For more information about their coffee and pricing, you can look at their social media accounts listed below. Thanks Café-te-ría! Awesome idea and advocacy!



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