Freedom Film Festival 2014: Bridging Cultures Through Film

Freedom Film Festival 2014: Bridging Cultures Through FilmFreedom-Film-Festival-Calendar-of-Events

Missed your chance to watch some of the Cinemalaya X film favorites? Don’t fret as De La Salle University’s professional organization of Communication Arts and Organizational Communication students – Team Comm – proudly brings back the “Freedom Film Festival 2014”.

The Term has just begun and heavy load of assignments are yet to be given by the professors. Well, what a better way to spend the free time by indulging ourselves with Filipino independent film scene outsourced from numerous directors and producers. Join us as we give credit to the crew and the artists who made the production of the films possible.

Team Comm is inviting film enthusiasts, and students – especially those who are waiting for their next class – to watch their time away and immerse themselves in the story of the films, prepare some tissue for some films are not for the faint hearted. The event screenings will take place from September 25 until October 10, 2014 at De La Salle University-Manila in William Shaw Little Theater located inside William Hall.

Producers, writers, directors, and artists of the screened films will be invited in order to have an interaction with the audience. They will be sharing their firsthand experience to the audience to enlighten them about the independent cinema.

Freedom Film Festival (FFF) is an annual event of the organization that aims to strengthen the growth of independent film industry, and to inspire young talented students and film aficionados to continue patronizing and promoting the independent film scene in the country.

Everyone is encouraged to watch the screened films. Outsiders and alumni students are also welcome!  For non-LaSallian students please access this link, and visit our page for more information and details.




Freedom Film Festival 2014: Bridging Cultures Through Film

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