Free Yourself by Being #FreeInYourSkin with Physiogel!

You can now bid goodbye to dry skin and say hello to a healthy, more beautiful you with Physiogel! Having launched their newest campaign, the #FreeInMySkin movement, last July 15 at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Physiogel introduced the key to truly reaching your full confidence as a woman: freedom.

That’s why Physiogel encourages us all to take on their freedom quiz! Unveil “you” – are you a savvy collaborator, an inspiring innovator, a charismatic motivator, or an elegant sophisticate?


You just need to answer five simple questions, and know who you are and your freedom list to help you live your life to the fullest!

  1. Which fitness activities give your skin a post-workout glow?
  2. Your potential is limitless. What’s your dream job?
  3. How do you like to show off your beautiful, strong, sensitive skin?
  4. Everybody has a dream “to do” list. What tops yours?
  5. What is your dream holiday?

Now, are you:

Savvy Collaborator
Always the fair diplomat, you are an intuitive and savvy negotiator. You shine at balancing issues with sound judgment and paving clever paths for a win-win, making you a coveted friend and colleague.

Inspiring Innovator
You are a creative trendsetter who walks the talk. Armed with ideas of change, taking daring risks is your forte. You inner strength shines, inspiring everyone to join you in a leap of faith.

Charismatic Motivator
You are a mentor, a boss, a sister and a friend. And everyone’s role model. Your inner strength and sensitivity touches others, convincing them to think big and conquer bigger.

Elegant Sophisticate
You are the epitome of modern elegance, poise, and culture. You are fond of trying new things, and your innate charm encourages everyone around you to soar beside.


During the event, guests were asked to take the quiz – including brand ambassador Patti Grandidge! And her result? She’s a charismatic motivator.

Now thanks to Physiogel, you can now enjoy good skin days and be freed from whatever’s stopping you to enjoying your life. Physiogel, which also freed itself, now has a brand new look, however still the same product we love.


Join in the #FreeInMySkin movement! Log on to and take on the challenge yourself.