This Site Lets Online Food Businesses Make a Page and Track Sales for Free

Bonus: Sellers even get their own page that they can personalize!

In order to earn extra income, many people have started small businesses from the comfort of their homes. And a lot of them are food-related—from baked goods to family recipes, trendy dishes, Filipino delicacies, and more.

But here’s the thing. There are just so many new brands and so many products out there and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Similarly, consumers may have a hard time looking for what they need at a moment’s notice.

Not anymore. Local startup makes things easier for both consumer and online food entrepreneurs. With its free website and platform, sellers can now create their own online store profile, where they can accept and manage orders, track sales, or even answer inquiries through the site’s messaging system. In their profile, sellers can even set up their store hours, product listings, and more! And best of all, offers a Vendor slash Store Management App for easier access and management of their respective stores.

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In turn, consumers can easily look through the site and find their preferred dish easily. They can also enjoy features like finding food based on the location nearest to them, by category, by store, or even browse thru the bestselling or featured products currently available. All these are FREE for users and nothing will be deducted from the sales of the food seller.

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Aside from these e-commerce features, also has a space for blog entries in order to share stories about food and how it has become so important in our culture. Currently, this is being updated, but we hope to see inspiring content in it soon.

“The main reason is to get these out to all users, most especially to our striving food entrepreneurs,” explained Jerry Atanacio and Aris Matuloy, founders of “We understand that many Filipinos turned in to their passion for cooking as an alternative source of living this pandemic. was created with them in mind.”

How Originated started out as an idea back in January 2018 when Atanacio and Matuloy’s friends started selling homemade products. Originally a hub for homemade food vendors designed to be like a classified ad type of listing, the idea was shelved because of the founders’ busy schedules.

Come 2020, when the pandemic hit, was revived. But this time around, the site was built beyond just a list—rather, new features have been added, such as tracking orders and sales. The site was also revamped to include availability and preorder features. With these groundwork laid out in August, the owners were hard at work until the website was finally running by the end of October with the desired features.

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The new and improved interface now includes features such as:

  • Vendor Registration: vendors can register and create their own virtual store on the website.
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  • Order Tracking: track all orders made by customers. Vendors can manually change the status of the orders from available to sold if needed.
  • Reports: includes sales and all transaction-related activities.
  • Knowledgebase: a helpful part of the dashboard where vendors can find out what they need to do.
  • Coupons: vendors can create their own promos or coupons if they have any ongoing sales or if they’d like to donate proceeds to a charity or cause.
  • Followers: customers can follow the store they like. It’s modeled after Instagram, where users can follow pages or people that they want to receive updates on.
  • Chatbox: customers have the ability to chat with the vendors, similar to communicating through Facebook or Instagram.
  • Dashboard: vendors can manage their store and add information about the store and its available products.
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The beauty in using is that as a vendor, you aren’t just part of a marketplace platform that lets you advertise your products, but you also get a sales and inventory system for your store. Yes, you even get a point-of-sale system for free! How awesome is that?

For more details, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions tab of

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