Former President GMA Filed More Bills Than Colleagues


Former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo may have a bad reputation, but you might change her mind when you see her body of work. Despite being under hospital detention at Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) for over four years, she has filed more approved bills compared to most of her colleagues in the chamber.

Some of her approved bills are:

  • The creation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • The Anti-Drunk Driving Act
  • House Bill 4531: Imposes penalties on distracted driving
  • House Bill 4543: Proposed amendments to the indeterminate sentence law
  • House Bill 5729: Allows the filing of petitions for adoption with an application for rectification of simulated birth record
  • House Bill 5206: The banning of the catching, sale, purchase, possession, and importation of all sharks and rays in the Philippines

She is also the author of bills that are being recommended for enactment, or have been approved in the third or final reading in the Lower House:

  • House Bill 3978: To strengthen the political party system
  • House Bill 4544: Increase the penalty of the crime of carnapping
  • House Bill 4536: Amend the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998
  • House Bill 5295: Grant an annual productivity incentive to all workers in the private sector
  • House Bill 3575: Establish a voluntary student loan program by private banks and granting incentives therefore
  • House Bill 3423: Propose P25 billion for aid relief for earthquake victims and rehabilitation of infrastructures damaged

Even if she has filed these many bills, Arroyo remains humble. Larry Gadon, a member of Arroyo’s legal team, says:

Whether or not she established a record for having bills approved despite her detention is not important.  What is needed to be emphasized is the fact that Representative Arroyo did her best to serve Filipinos despite the adverse conditions she had to face.

Arroyo has been under hospital detention since 2011 because of a P366 million plunder case conneced to questionable disbursements made by officials of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). She is currently seeking a third term in office as Pampanga congresswoman.

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