Former Power Rangers Cast Members Duke it out in “The Order”


There will be a new Power Rangers movie next year with a new cast, new set of costumes, and the like. Recently, we’ve been hearing that there are FORMER Power Rangers cast members collaborating to make an action movie called ‘The Order‘.

the-order-poster-when-in-manilaThe Cast of “The Order”

The Order is an action movie that follows a group of skilled vigilantes known as (you guessed it) The Order. They are dedicated to eliminate worldwide threats and are focused to keep humanity and the entire world safe. A huge threat to emerges and they soon discover that it involves their fellow brothers and sisters from the Order.

The Order cast includes original cast members from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers such Austin St. John (Red Ranger), Walter Emmanuel Jones (Black Ranger), David Yost (Blue Ranger), Karan Ashley (Yellow Ranger II), Johnny Young Bosch (Black Ranger II), and David Fielding (Zordon). You will also see other former Power Rangers cast members such as Erin Cahill (Timeforce Pink Ranger), Azim Rizik (Megafocre Black Ranger/Super Megaforce Green Ranger), and Hilary Shepard (Divatox).  Check out the trailer below:


The Order Trailer


Our friend Chris Cantada had an exclusive Skype Chat with David Fielding (the actor who played Zordon in Power Rangers) and Karan Ashley (Aisha, the second Yellow Ranger). You can watch his exclusive skype chat video below:


Chris Cantada’s interview with David Fielding (Zordon) and Karan Ashley (Aisha, MMPR Yellow Ranger 2) of The Order


Excited? I know I am! If you wanna support this movie, go to the following link:


If you are a long time Power Ranger fan or someone who grew up watching the series, this film may be the ‘unofficial’ reunion movie that you have been waiting for!


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