Football Manila: Bringing the Football Fever in Manila!

Football Manila: Bringing the Football Fever in Manila!footballmanila


Football has played an important part of our lives. It has taught us values that we would not have learnt anywhere else. The game itself is a joy to play. Football Manila was created in September 2011 to provide tournaments, games, and training to the community of the Metro Manila area. Since our inception in 2011 we have grown in the number of participants we have in our football games, tournaments, and coaching.

One of football Manila’s first major achievement was the organising the manila football league in October 2011. Its goal was to provide a 7-a-side league to enthusiastic footballers in the Metro Manila area. Due to the only organised 7-a-side league in Manila our popularity has spread across the football community. More recently we organised a tournament to find a team that would represent the Philippines in the 5-a-side world cup that is to be held in Dubai later this year.


Many of our Tournaments or open play sessions will take place at two main locations, BCG Turf or Acacia Gardens. BCG Turf is an artificial pitch on the corner of 32nd St and 9th Ave. It is a full sized pitch that can be split into two half pitches for 7-a-side, this is where we hold most of our open play sessions at night. Acacia Gardens is also a full sized pitch but not artificial, this is where we hold most of our bigger tournaments such as the qualifying for the 5-a-side world cup mentioned earlier.




The future looks bright for Football Manila as we are organising more events than ever, open play sessions for anyone to come down and join, coaching for all players and specialised coaching for corporate teams, more tournaments for teams to test their skill in games, and preparations starting in order to create a one of the first woman’s football league in the near future. Football Manila invites anyone to join in regardless of skill, Football is a great way to have fun and meet new people, if you would like to join all you need to do is like our facebook page at: and watch for when the next event if happening.




Football Manila: Bringing the Football Fever in Manila!